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  1. He had a clear shot at an empty net inside the Sharks zone for the hat trick but instead passed the puck to Iginla who is at 599 career goals. Iginla's shot was blocked but MacKinnon got his hat trick about 30 seconds later. Hockey is the best.
  2. The title of the thread, which was posted in Gen OT, was something like They Killed Hans Solo or Hans Solo Dies. It doesn't matter. You'd have seen the spoiler if you weren't busy ignoring your 8 kids by donating your time to some food bank for the homeless or taking Radar bowling with his special needs monthly fun night league instead of refreshing a goddamned off topic poker forum on a Saturday night with like 10 active posters outside the hockey guys. Dude went out of his way to try and ruin your movie experience while trying to create his own twisted ego feeding entertainment by
  3. I didn't expect Han to sacrifice Chewy like that but at least he made it to the spaceport in time during the final scene, saving the day.

    I Gotta Tell Ya

    I gotta tell ya, I find women who are 20lbs overweight much more attractive than women who are 20lbs underweight.
  5. The DNC is really frustrated with Bernie's momentum so they found a way to give him some negative press.
  6. I really surprised Spencer couldn't garner one single vote. He had a pretty sick resume of challenge wins and he and Jeremy made their voting decisions together. Good job Jeremy!
  7. I'm not following the 2p2 threads and really my only exposure has been some links provided here and the Pokercast podcast. I'm sure dealing with Stars PR blunder sucks for DN but that's what happens when you work for The Man. DN is the face of Stars and I suspect he's getting a massive amount of heat. It's only going to get worse as the new ownership puts the squeeze on other parts of the organization in an attempt to maximize profits. In the past, Stars always looked at doing what was right from the players perspective with the knowledge this would translate into becoming the domi
  8. Or at the very least have your freaking rifle at the ready.
  9. Tanner unintentionally won this game a long time ago and he gets to take a victiory lap everytime you or BigD respond. .
  10. Here......try on my glasses. I was trying to find the overhead angle so I could post the goal but my google skills suck. Rule 69 includes the following language, "(1) an attacking player, either by his positioning or by contact, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to move freely within his crease or defend his goal". I don't see how that goal could be allowed with the benefit of replay and several angles. The rule is pretty straight forward.
  11. Sometimes they can't or choose to not get it right with video evidence. Last night's AVS/Bruins game had the AVS challenge a goal where a Bruin was in the crease and actually moved back into the AVS goalie while the goalie was on the ice after making a block save which interferred with the goalie's movement to get up and block a shot from the point. The goalie interference was obvious and the entire reason the league implemented the coaches challenge. The refs do a great job for the most part but there's no way they should be involved with the review process. "The Bruins dominated
  12. I don't understand what you're saying. Are you saying he won't be able to serve his probation without a violation? He's in the system now so he is more likely to be a target from local, state, or federal law enforcement? This guy just won a stupid soft judgement and is free rolling every day of freedom for the next 5 years.
  13. The kids deserve a few atta boys instead of suspensions. That ref was lucky no parents came onto the ice for some hockey justice.
  14. Erik Johnson just signed a 7yr 42mill deal. He's by far my favorite defense men. I bought his jersey the first year he came to the team so I'm glad they locked him up before the season started. I've read some media saying EJ took a little less than market value. Then again, the 'media' can be dummies. I just listened to EJ talking to the press after the signing and he was asked the following question: "You got your contract. You're set for, eight....well, eight years. Will it diminish your incentive or desire....at all?" Da fug kind of question is that? I have no idea how th
  15. Well, this is certainly not how I expected this to go.
  16. November 21st baby! I may have to take Cotto by decision if he's able to keep his cool and box instead of getting hit a couple of times and deciding to go toe to toe.
  17. I don't give a discount if someone offers to pay with cash/check vs a credit card since our CC processor uses total volume and average ticket price to determine the percentage taken. Napa could probably give details about the processors on the back end. I'd give a few points for cash/check vs financing though. Retail sales guys can be the worst. Edit: I mean the processor gives us an overall rate based on volume and avg ticket price. It's not recalculated per transaction.
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