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  1. DN gives away money every wsop and this year is especially generous. That package is a crazy good deal for anyone that gets a spot. I hope I get the max on the low and mid stakes package somehow.
  2. I think the David vs Goliath thing was kind of dumb. Also, Mike isn't a Goliath and seems shoehorned into that group. Angelina is legit crazy but nice to look at so whoever casted her should get a big fat bonus. Nick is the standard winner who goes deep and then puts together some immunity wins to get to the end. I'm glad he recognized Angelina was the clear choice to take to the final 3 since she wouldn't get any jury votes. He might have done something dumb if Davie had made it that far. I need your paypal, Bob.
  3. Automatic 5 games for leaving the bench but only 2 for a bare fisted uppercut on a defenseless player. This should literally never happen in hockey. They got it wrong on this one. I think it’s more about not wanting to create a precedent than to dole out the proper punishment. Player safely my ass. https://www.nhl.com/video/bertuzzi-suspended-two-games/t-277440360/c-63623103
  4. If your last name is Bertuzzi and you play in the NHL you're a garbage human being.
  5. Nobody's ever prepared for it but Peter somehow becomes a relatable and sympathetic figure during a second viewing.
  6. Sammy with the win. I’d say you were due for some sustained run good i this pool.
  7. One thing I don't get is how Vegas isn't constantly being called for too many men. I guess it's because they're only using 5 skaters but it sure doesn't seem like it in game. Somehow on defense they always seem to have at least one player breaking through the neutral zone for an outlet pass. When they're on offense, they seem to have a defense man able to cover even when they're applying a ton of pressure. Is this some perfect GTO kind of cycling where everyone is in the correct position at all times?
  8. Holy shit, are you guys watching the finals?!?!?!?!?!?!? So far, the east and west games couldn't be anymore different. I can't believe I'm excited to watch tonights game to see if Tampa can take this out to 5 or maybe even 6 games.
  9. My crystal ball was working on the outcomes but the Jets/Preds series wasn't the most entertaining series. Before last night, I thought the Lightning would handle their business and win in 6 but they didn't show up for the first two periods at home so my confidence is low that they win the series and if they do, it'll take 7 games. I'm super excited to see the western conference finals as it's such a fun match-up. I'm going with the Jetsin 7 but that's nothing more than a complete guess.
  10. Nashville would get smoked by Vegas as they wouldn’t be able to keep up in transition.
  11. I haven't been more confident in a Vegas -1.5 win since the mayweather/mcgregor fight.
  12. That was a goal in the Pitt game. Carrie Underwood’s national anthem was a top 10 performance. I really dislike this announcing team for the Preds/jets series. Most especially the lady. Bleh.
  13. I’ve listened to the west wing podcast since the beginning. I’ve watched the series many times. I started out watching each episode before the corresponding podcast but I found it too hard to not binge on a few more and got a whole season ahead of the podcast so I gave up trying to pace the podcast and just listen when a new one comes out. It’s really good. Recapping each episode and talking about whet happens is great and all but my favorite podcasts are when they interview the lead actors, the wardrobe lady, a set designer, writers, and Sorkin to give behind the scenes info.
  14. Didn't nashville almost completely tank your favorite goalies entire career by playing him without a defensive system which could have easily sent him to the AHL without a way to climb back? Personally, I'd harbor some hate for them if I were you.
  15. I think SJ has to steal a game to take the series to 6. Winnipeg over Nashville in 7. This will be the most entertaining series of the entire playoffs.
  16. Game 7’s are fun to watch when you don’t have a rooting interest in the outcome.
  17. edit: nsfw; language (f word) https://streamable.com/fe4uf
  18. One thing I absolutely hate about Bernier’s style is he sometimes completely sells out sliding east to West to make a save when he’s outside the pipes so there’s no way for him to get back into position if the offense keeps possession.
  19. He was injured when we got him. I think this was just his third start in 100 days. Bernier played at a world class level when Varly reinjured his groin about half way through the season and lead the Avs on a franchise record tying win streak which got the Avs back into the middle of the wildcard pack. He played well enough to make everyone question whether he should be the starter.
  20. 2/0 in must win games! Hamburgerler stole that game for the Avs. Dude was flailing and flopping all over the place. He seemed to be looking for the puck after every save as if he had no idea where the puck was but somehow kept blocking shots. It was amazing to watch.
  21. Since you guys are all stat junkies, here’s a good one. As of this post, the avalanche are 1/0 in must win games this season. Basically, they’re pretty clutch.
  22. He’s the only reason the Wild made the playoffs.
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