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  1. I didn't expect Wonderboy to make Hendricks look like absolute garbage. I guess he's a top contender now. I'd like to see him fight Maia before being given a title shot. I think Derek Lewis can beat anyone at HW on any given day.
  2. If Paris Jackson took a genetic test, what sort of odds would you need to bet that she actually was Michael Jacksons biological daughter? She was absolutely genetically engineered.
  3. His theory of being able to do this without spending money is completely wrong. He played his hand brilliantly as far as using free media to attain viability as an outsider. That alone is astonishing enough to be historic. It is not a sustainable strategy. Now its time for Chicago style machine politics. If he doesn't put a machine in these places, then its pretty much a gimme that he was a plant candidate to foment fringe enthusiasm, lose and hopefully create apathy among a core of right wing voters who would stay home before voting for whatever establishment candidate the (((influential do
  4. The stumbling block for Trump will be if Rubio gains steam, since that might mean Florida. One way or the other, he's going to have to start spending money here soon and putting together a ground game in the primary states. The free media candidacy is over. Time for big-boy pants.
  5. Re: Medicaid: No. https://www.whitehou...re/medicaid-map Also, prices weren't $150 for a family in 2007. Maybe in a few really fringe cases but if anyone under your plan had any past health issues at all, that was not the case. Where HussienHealth falls short is that it still leaves pricing to for-profit interests. That is the next step but in a country where two of the largest industries are insurance and health care- and where they can buy politicians- its not going to happen. I wonder if you understand just how existentially ****ed the Republican party would be on pretty much ev
  6. Your position is rooted in the fact that there is an entire side of life you have never experienced nor seen. If your only perspective is the cul-de-sac, yeah. Saying something like this (if I'm reading it right): ... might make sense, because you apparently have no ****ing idea what $9600 a year means to the majority of the population. Have you ever heard the saying "let them eat cake" ? Do you know where that came from? Right before the French Revolution, there was a famine. Upon being informed that the people had no bread to eat and were starving, a member of French Royalt
  7. It's the first step towards a national plan. It has empowered a ****ton of people to get health insurance. Anyone who had a pre-existing condition and couldn't get insurance, it's a lifesaver. That is a god-awful lot of people.
  8. Wow. Bendo to Bellator. http://mmajunkie.com/2016/02/twitter-reacts-to-former-ufc-champ-benson-henderson-signing-bellator-contract
  9. Sometimes I forget there is a bit of an age gap here on this site. If you're a younger guy getting his first solo apartment, don't sweat it. Get a Craigslist couch, a decent TV and a Sybian. That's pretty much all you need.
  10. That's what always happens whenever people who rely solely on freak athletic gifts- and as a result, are able to burst onto the scene like an unstoppable shooting star- encounter that one ************ who isn't afraid of them and has unlimited tenacity and heart. Rousey too. He's just so young, his heart will develop with time and experience getting beaten up. His athletic gifts cannot be denied but you are right. Heart is something that cannot be 'taught' and he doesn't seem to have that grit in him, meaning that the way to beat him is to keep your distance and grind him down with wil
  11. Everything has to go together. Think of your decor like a living organism with a bunch of working systems. It doesn't matter if all your other bodily systems are working fine, one tiny little arterial blockage and the whole thing comes crashing down. Your nervous system could be healthy as a horse. Doesn't matter. Decor must be exactly correct or it is entirely incorrect. There is no valiant effort or 'almost there'. Everything is contingent on everything else. In 99.9% of cases, you cannot maintain a cogent decor with 'the furniture you have'. You must get rid of it all and start over
  12. Yeeezus Bocephus Christ. Northcutt taps to a non-choke, Rothwell taps Barnett... This night has the potential to be the worst bloodbath for me since Silva/Weidman II. C'mon Rumble. My concern is that Rothwell is going to get put against Miocic for a shitty point loss.
  13. Another Hillary Clinton plant to siphon off Bernie votes. She needs a Ross Perot here. Bad.
  14. Lets assume that there are only a couple viable candidates on either side. Clinton and Sanders for the D's, Trump and Rubio on the right. Cruz is the standard hard-right ideologue Iowa Caucus blip church candidate. To Iowa what Pat Buchanan was to New Hampshire (our last real shot at a legit f├╝hrer) It all ends shortly after New Hampshire for him, where he can return to his life being the most annoying Munster in the senate. There is a coinflip chance that Hillary Clinton will eventually see the inside of FPC Danbury for mishandling of classified information. Like, that is a very real thi
  15. https://pbs.twimg.co...frHWkAA367N.mp4 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inejiro_Asanuma https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otoya_Yamaguchi
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