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  1. Its all good fun banter I understand where his humour comes from since I played poker pre Black Friday too!
  2. Haha good one lets do this Players that are already in / interested SCOOOOP23 Goodkoen danjaylittle Mentality135 © NEADY05 © Fried Liver © Calzyhand © Bussby DublinMeUp w4ts Jizzandapus tdr10 gi1985 WalmartCNXN CaCaw kylsonn1 matijastars Sub Zero 43 Christiani13
  3. Hi FCP Bob, Thank you for your reply, is there any chance you could change the title of this thread to "October 180 Man Team Competition" please and move it to the appropriate forum section. Thanks Requirements $50!!! You do not have to be a winner in these games to join it is just for fun and motivation!, You will be put on a team with a winning Captain and other winning players so you might learn a thing or two When the bet will start and finish 01/10/15 - 31/10/15 What games are included $2.50s, $3r's, $8s, $15s Entry Cost $50 per player Volu
  4. Hello fellow poker players! My name is Scoooop23 from the UK and I play mainly 180man Turbo's on Pokerstars This my first post here and I have a few question's if you dont mind answering them... I am going to run a October 180man Team Competition with a $50 buy in over on another forum and im trying to generate interest for it so am I allowed to create a new thread and post the link to the other forum so that players on Full Contact Poker can join in the fun? If I am allowed to post which section of the forum would you suggest I post it in? Thanks guys & best of luck
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