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  1. Maybe not AT, I just picked that hand because it's an obvious one, although I still would like to give him the chance to accidentally do the right thing. I'd also like to see a Jack fold, or a ten so we don't split or catch two pair only to lose to the straight - we'll have to pay that off a fair amount when it comes on the river.And of course, if they don't have any piece of it, you might as well take it down now instead of letting someone catch a running two pair you couldn't bet at because one was a spade.I tend toward the lines like you would take, ie check/raising or call/evaluate, but I
  2. 6max is much more playing the player than a starting hand chart-type play. Folded to me on the button or CO, I would raise Axs pretty regularly unless the blinds both defend a lot.I would possibly 3bet KTs on the button if it was folded to the CO and he raised, but is weak post flop and the blinds don't call too much.Everybody here, especially the better players than me, probably have a whole bunch of different 'ifs' that make raises right with all kinds of cr*p.
  3. You bet mostly for fold equity. How would you like to see A 10 fold his GS and pair draw?A 'loose' player does not mean the bet or raise a lot. It means they play lots of hands. A player who limps and calls every hand is loose.
  4. I would agree except the two/three overs, FD, BDSD, and other overs possibly coming, a free card sucks. I gotta bite back on the flop.
  5. The board is draw heavy, but does a draw often donk this flop? I don't think so, and certainly with a pair to go with it, he wouldn't be going anywhere. Seems like a pair of Js or As would be more likely to lead into you. At the same time, if you raise and he three bets, you can't like that 7 kicker, and then when he leads the turn, what do you do? And if he's willing to donk a draw he might be willing to bluff one.Seems like waiting until the turn to protect and raise for a free showdown, or bet fold a three bet lets you get to the showdown or fold without remorse. Yes/no?
  6. Interesting (what is ATSB?). Seems like there must be a fair amount of weak/tight players in the game.
  7. Three bet him. Always raises? I'm three betting a fair amount. Train him, especially on the cheap street.RE: the hand, he probably had overs or the FD.
  8. I'd probably raise the turn, but it looks fine as is. He probably thought you were stealing, and/or caught a Jack. Let him donk into you again on the turn.
  9. Unfortunately, the government is representative of its citizens.
  10. Agree with AlphaOmega's check raising the flop (BTW, you have UTG acting first on the flop) on a three flush flop. Then lead the turn. I wouldn't c/r cap the flop.
  11. What's your table image? Or is he not really paying attention?He could have a small pocket pair, a 4, a T, something like Kxs... if he's paying attention to your image, maybe a weak Ace, although I'd expect a raise on the flop. And because LAGs playing passive is suspicious, maybe AA.Isn't his WTSD a little high? Or is it relatively not that high? Sorry, I have found PT not to be that great a tool so I don't use it much.Is his not making it to showdown much because he's bullying people, or because he's LAGgy but not too out of line?Most LAGs I run into are idiots, betting/raising every th
  12. Yeah. My only point was that he can easily tell himself a ten is good (or smaller pair, or whatever the he!! else these guys play with). The only better hand that makes a little sense playing the way is Aces up. Definitely have better than 6:1 against that.
  13. He's not stop-and-going you because he didn't stop on the flop.What's your raising range - AT-AK, KQ, KJ, AA-66?Looks to me like he has a Ten, or Ace high and donk betted the flop. Either he's protecting a Ten, or took a shot with Ace high on the flop and then caught it on the turn.The only hand to worry about is AT. A 4 and A 2 can be outdrawn with the Ten or 4 pairing respectively as well as your Q outs. A set would more likely check/call the flop.I'm calling down since I have a good chance of having the best hand and have an adequate draw to a better two pair.
  14. What stat does the 19 stand for? Is that why you didn't raise the river? BB is a LAG, right?
  15. Sunnova.... That's it, I'm moving out of this pathetic excuse of a country. Sunnova.... That's it, I'm moving out of this pathetic excuse of a country again.Even though that's undoubtedly not Bob Goodlatte, the fact that these judgmental churchy ranters are everywhere sucks.I just got back from 3 weeks in Canada, and as soon as I fire out how to sneak across the border, I'm immigrating.
  16. At a higher level though, wouldn't there be less 'unknowns'? Assuming you got to that level by skill of course. You would be be able to pick up more of a line on somebody than the random dumbness of low level shmoes
  17. I freakin hate A9, but I agree with Verdimme. Your two pair is good here alot.
  18. Personally, I bet the flop to try and knock out a player and get HU.As for the river, it is a classic donk bluff situation. The question is, does he do it with less than a K? If no, then fold. If yes, go ahead and call.
  19. Those are both a he!! of a run on sentence. I'm winded from reading those.6max players do steal more often than full ring. At .5/1, it happens but for some reason 6max play at that level is somewhat passive.
  20. I got confused... in the OP you said you won't have much money for college. I take it then tuition is taken care of?If that's the case, I hate to say it, but I think your best bet is to stay at home for the summer. A dorm room is by far the cheapest accomodations you'll find. If you're worried about having to live at home for the semester, many schools require incoming freshmen to live on campus for a year. Stay at home, work, use that money for the dorm.I don't understand why the best job you can get is the tutoring thing.
  21. If you are currently in school, then I would find out how much living in a dorm costs. Pay that out of your roll, and drop down.
  22. Just my opinion...Is college in the picture if you earn enough? What area do you live in?I think you need a job. You need to pay rent and bills right away if you move out. If you start out on a downswing, you're going back home, but with worse credit. Not to mention even getting an apartment without a job is tough.Job wise, working isn't so bad. What kinds of skills do you have? One job that is not demanding (doesn't pay well, but is not demanding) is a bank teller. Gone are the days when banks closed at 2, but my brother started out working as a teller, and the work itself is not physi
  23. In lower limits, you can't read opponents' hands as well. You have to call down more. You'll suffer plenty of bad beats. You have to push marginal hands a lot. You'll probably be playing more hands than you would against better players. I did assume that higher limit players are better, but that might be a mistaken assumption. I also assumed that one would be better to play at that level, which may also be a poor assumption.I could be wrong.
  24. I'm in the SB. BB is loose aggressive, but not a maniac. Button just sat down last hand.I have A2off. Can't remember PF, but I either raised, or completed and BB raised and button called.Flop A 10 JI check, BB bet, button calls, I raise, BB 3 bets, button calls, I call.Turn 9, putting 2 of the same suit.I lead, BB raises, button 3 bets, I ....
  25. I'm not fluent in Pokertrackerese, but if he's 'so' aggresive, I call the flop and lead/3 bet at the turn unless it's a scary card.Of course, his aggression would have to be maniacal.Otherwise, I like check raising the turn. Not only does it get you the big bet, I like check raising the turn with some regularity so I can check for a free card when I need it.
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