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  1. I guess i just went busto and wasn't even playing poker,,,,damn it,,,$3425 down the drain,,,,i actually feel kinda sick right now
  2. That looks like the Enron stock price chart right before it headed toward the dumper
  3. So Doyle's Room pissed you off or did they get tired of your attitude and boot ya? I was gonna make a suggestion that if your poker carreer didn't work out you might want to apply for a job at Wal-Mart as greeter boy, but that's not an option i don't think. Good luck Skippy
  4. Would it be better to play a mtt that has less players but the payout has less spots like Bodog, or more players with a higher payout ratio like Tilt?I've noticed on just about all of bodogs smaller guaranteed tourneys $3-5k that there are usually 100-130 players whereas tilt seems to have no problem getting more than enough players to cover the tourney guarantee, but the tournaments are longer also.Thanks
  5. Be like me,,pay for it once a year and forget about it, otherwise you tap your boss and you'll be paying for it the rest of your life. Run the other way Skippy RUN!!!
  6. I never said i thought it was rigged, was just wanting some opinions.Thanks for your help and consideration Jr.
  7. The last 2 Stars sng's i've played were ridiculous,,,i guess1st) with 4 players left i'm on the sb and call the 100,,bb raises 400 and i go all in holding KK,,,bb holds 3-8,,,,,board shows A-J-9-3-3 and i assume da position and am left with 700very next hand i get dealt AA,,donkeyfish calls my all in holding 2-9os and catches (drum roll) J-3-9-9-6NEXT2) 6 person sng,,down to final 3,,,i'm in the bb holding QQ,,dude with all the money raises 350 and i re-raise to 700,,,money boy re-raises all in and i call,,,moneyboy is holding 3-7os and board shows 6-9-7-2-7
  8. I had ACES 14 times late last night,,,,,,won every hand also,,,,then i woke up
  9. Did you know the last time i got "lucky" was june 14th 2001?
  10. Don't blame me for this political debacle,,,I voted for myself for president last election
  11. Bill Frist sitting at the FTP tables with close to 2mil in campaign funds
  12. sorry just got back from work and hadn't seen it
  13. US Congress acts to ban online betsBy Richard Northedge and Louisa Gault (Filed: 01/10/2006)A bill making it illegal for banks and credit card companies to process payments to online gaming companies was unexpectedly approved by the US Congress yesterday, threatening to devastate the business of British companies such as PartyGaming, 888 Holdings and BetonSports.The bill now needs only the approval of President George Bush to become law, and he is widely expected to sign it before the November 7 congressional elections to gain support from the political right.The port security bill was being d
  14. would it be better to play a 6 person sng where the top 2 get paid or the 9-10 person table where the top 3 cash?tia
  15. Just saw an omaha pot limit hand of 135K on FTP,,looseslots caught an 8 high straight and Phil was holding aces.Matusow posted he's lost close to 500K in the last 24 hours.
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