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  1. Good to see you're still around balloon man, you were always one of my favorite bloggers.I picked hers cause it was skankalicious and mine cause spider man ****ing rocks and I got to carry around silly string all night and spray the crap out of whoever I wanted
  2. Bingo!!! You're a smart man BudBundyglad someone sent me a message asking me to come give an updateStill pwning newbs on the tables. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Just got a 30 inch monitor and I can fit 30 P-stars tables at once on it.. not that I think I could ever play that many, it's sweet. If you ever find yourself in a position to buy one, I would highly recommend it. Going to be getting my doctor of pharmacy degree very shortly.Here's some highlights from this last year.standing up in friend's weddingMurder mystery party on new yearshalloween fun timesLas vegas trip for spring
  3. Nothing like getting paid to keep yourself entertained
  4. Hahaha, I love when I google my name that this is what comes up
  5. If by hit it, you mean her face with a two-by-four to make her stop acting obnoxious, I agree
  6. Lindsey used to be attractive, back when mean girls came out. Now she's just a stupid drunk/drugged up slut. Any possible attractiveness is gone.
  7. Where is clay Aiken when you need him? He would turn this whole thread into a love fest
  8. I don't gamble. I do this to make money, If I'm not making money and don't have an obvious edge I don't play.I have a friend who had a gambling problem. It ruined his whole life, he lost all his friends cause he owes them money and wont pay, and he lost his whole life savings on stupid bets. He'll play anything if there is a gamble involved.
  9. I try to say as little as possible. That or say Wah Wah, bad beat, then rake in all the chippies!
  10. I won my homegame tournament last night too. Nice work!
  11. WHO THE HELL IS MICON?? Seriously... I've never heard of him
  12. I've seen people do it before. Chances are he is a "professional" player and has a kick ass monitor. I'm sure he plays tight as hell, because you don't really have time to play crap cards or bluff when you are on that many tables. I can easily manage 12 tables on my small monitor when they are resizeable, but with a bigger monitor or two I could do 19.
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