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  1. 'memba that?Still works to some degree at the lower levels.Best chance this guy has for his goal.
  2. My advice: Four-table playing $25 NLHE 9player ring games. Fold every hand except the following - Shove preflop with AA, KK. Limp with any pair, and fold on the flop if you miss your set, shove if you hit it. That's it.Chances are you'll end up where you want to be.
  3. In most online tourneys, playing small ball is like getting pecked to death by a duck.All it leads to is guys constantly reraising or cold-calling or shoving over the top of you, so you end up folding away all your chips.Works a lot better live, if you have the discipline to let marginal hands go after the flop.
  4. Read the link suggested regarding how Ferguson built up his roll. Bankroll management is key, and you'll get better as you grind.
  5. Small ball is a great way to play when you're deep-stacked with long slow blind levels.Unfortunately, there are very few true deepstack tourneys online.
  6. Looks pretty good as far as it goes - in terms of chip EV, but in a tourney setting chip EV is very different from real money EV.What I mean is, this formula doesn't incorporate the factors related to how the relative value of chips change over the course of a MTT.
  7. The only time I get killed these days is in 2/4 PLO. I only play that game when I'm drinking.There may be a connection there somewhere.
  8. HOH is great for NLHE tourneys. Sklanky's stuff is great for cash games (but dense, with a lot of theory that's interesting but probably won't increase your earn rate much).The most innovative poker info currently is only available in online courses, imho. Don't get me wrong, most of them are junk, but there's a few that are excellent.
  9. What you suggest (flop set or check/fold) was my plan preflop, but other than a set I felt the flop I got was one of the better ones possible for my hand. Quickly thinking about what the villain's possible holdings were, I felt I likely had the best hand as well as fold equity should I shove after he raised (he had definitely shown he could lay down a hand to a reraise).
  10. Played a live NLHE MTT yesterday, 260 players, $650 buy-in, hosted by several well-known poker pros. I had been playing at a table with a well-known pro (villain) for several hours when the following hand occurred. The pro and I had both been playing TAG; in fact, I had won every hand I'd shown down (one set, kings twice, flush) and several others without a fight; he had also showed down some very strong hands. The rest of the table was mostly playing loose passive, with a lot of limping/unraised pots/multiway flops.Blinds are 200/400 with 25 ante (starting pot = 850). Hero has approx 1500
  11. So, pretty close to one in a million huh? Kind of ended up back where we started Well done guys. I am, as promised, impressed.
  12. In bold above, AA three times in a row, would be 1/220^3 =1/10.6 million actually. One in a million only goes for aces OR kings 3 times in a row (1/110^3)However I, for one, thoroughly understand your point, although I think the poster you're responding to was mostly kidding. Now, if you can tell me how to calculate what the probability is of being dealt either aces OR kings on three consecutive hands at any time during a sample of 100,000 consecutive hands, I'll be impressed.Not that it matters or anything, but I gotta believe there are math geeks out there who live for this kind of thing.
  13. As stated, I agree with tight play early online. In LP, I will also play speculative hands like small pairs and suited connectors, but I disagree that the pot must be unraised. I'm happy to call a small raise because if I hit my hand hard and make two pair or better, or a big big draw, then you'll often break someone with an overpair. Also, if the original raiser has a two-broadway type hand and misses the flop, he'll either check the flop to you and you can often steal the pot with a bet, or he'll make a lame, obvious probe/continuation-type bet which you can then raise significantly with
  14. 1/220 is the odds of being dealt any specific PP. Since I said EITHER AA or KK, the odds of being either AA OR KK would be about 1/110^3 or roughly 1 in a million, on any 3 consecutive hands.As MasterLJ mentioned, the odds of this happening on three consecutive hands during a sample of, let's say for argument, 100k consecutive hands, is a much more difficult computation. Any math geeks out there care to give it a shot?
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