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  1. Thank you for your reply. One major question- should I open everytime I'm first to enter the pot. (Every Time)???????? To me It seems that it doesn't even matter what we have.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Should I be opening from utg(under the gun) or should I wait until it's folded around to me in late position/
  3. Thanks for your reply. One question- so should I only play the list of hands in online play or should I open with anything in online play?
  4. Hello all, I have a question regarding a hand that Davis Bowen played in the Sunday Millions. If David is playing small-ball why would he raise with 5-10 offsuit when he is the first to enter the pot? Now I know the importance of blind stealing but, I don't understand why open with that hand. I'm reading Daniel's book (Power Holdem Strategy). That hand is not on the opening hand list. What I'm asking is from what I saw does it really matter what we open with? I know that a lot of hands we open with will be mucked if we get any resistance. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks forum member Ant
  5. Hello all, It's me again. The following question comes from a part of Daniel's book (Power Holdem Strategy). It states that if players have been at your table for a while they have ( seen you continuously raise before the flop and then bet virtually every flop in position). Now correct me if I'm wrong, It doesn't state that it would be folded around to me and then I raise, nor does it state the type of hand I should have. It only states what's written above. Now I know I should play position and I do that all the time. If possible can any members tell me if they read that what that would mean
  6. You are so very right. So many people now are doing this alot. It makes it very hard to play premium hands when people keep calling big raises with suited connectors. I listen and start reading NG's chapter again and played in a 45 man sit-n-go. Believe it or not I had AAS did what I thought was the right play and raised 5x's the bb. I got called by 6 people floped an A bet the pot had 3 callers left. I lost on the river guy called with J 10 . You know what happend he hit his straight. I've also played and had KKs first one in made my 5x open raise the whole table went all in I folded all I sa
  7. Thankyou also. I've read Evelyn's chapter also. The thing with her's is the amount you have to bet. The Big Bets seem to get me into trouble. Example- I'm first in with AK suited or unsuited and raise 5x's the BB and get 4 callers. Well I'm supposed to bet the pot even if I miss. Me betting the pot like that and 1 opponent hit the flop I've lost to much of my stack. The other thing is the limpers thing. Example- I'm in mid late position and got 3 limpers, now my raise is 9x's the bb. Sorry I have AAs. I get called still by at least 2 players. Flop-2s-4s 9d. I bet pot 1 player calls. Turn 7h I
  8. Thanks. But yes I do have HOH and Daniel's book. Harrington's book is a tight strategy and Daniel's atrategy is loose. I like them both. The thing is that with my personality I like to be in pots but my problem is I've been playing some suited connectors and etc. When I know I should be playing all hands in position.
  9. Thanks for the reply. But something you said confused me. The ( everywhere else). If possible can you make me understand that, please and thank you.
  10. I went to pokervt and was looking at the some of the testimonials and there was one that caught me eye. Person went by the screen name A 10 suited. He was saying how every time he was the first one in the pot he did the same raise again and again. That got me wondering is that what I'm suppose to be doing regardless of my hole cards? Please some feed back. Forum member Anthony C. Sorry for not posting this in my first post.
  11. Hello, I'm having some problems learning Daniel's small-ball strategy. I went out and bought his book(Power Holdem Strategy) and it seems I'm doing something wrong. 1st- when it comes to being the first one to enter the pot, does it matter what I have. 2nd- when in position with some limpers in front do I play whatever I have on the button or just keep raising when I'm the first one in? There are a great number of hands he says to play when i'm the first in... Example- hands like J 10 suited or KQ suited etc. Please if someone or all of you please comment on this so my understanding will be be
  12. Hello all, it's been awhile since I posted, got some questions about small ball. 1st question- when it comes to playing like a maniac does that only applies to opening a lot of pots? 2nd question- playing position- do I only want to raise the pot when it's folded to me while in position? Now I look at position as being on the button but, does being in position also mean the last three spots, button, cutoff, and highjack seat? Last question- If in late position and i have A-10 suited and three caller's in front how much should i be raising If at all? Or should I just call and see what the flop
  13. Thanks for your reply. I'm a member of pvt but with limited access. I'm in the free trial thing they have going on right now. I can only read the general this they have posted on the site, but can't see any video's or anything major. Thanks again for your reply.
  14. That will be fine. Congrats on your 2nd place finish yesterday. Keep up the good work Daniel.
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