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  1. Smallball only makes your penis look bigger, doesn't make you any better at poker.
  2. Hope everything turns out OK for you. FUCK CANCER!
  3. Do you know what a Step 6 is? Yes, bad beats happen to us all but when they happen in certain situations they sting a little more. Don't be such a douche, seriously.Tough luck on the hand OP, I'm sure something was smashed. Hopefully no kittens!
  4. You can only use the add-on if you are still playing at the break. If you don't choose to rebuy after you bust, you are out of the tournament. Play very tight early in these as most will be setting there money on fire.
  5. 55 is your lucky hand, obviously. Never fold it again and get it tatooed on your ass.
  6. Isn't Rich Gannon an announcer for CBS? If so, why in the world is he doing this? I've seen this show a couple times and thought it was garbage. Has it improved at all?
  7. Best: Mississippi RiverWorst: Mississippi River
  8. 1. Get staked and cash so I don't have to play freerolls anymore.2. Get a Weekly Round 2 ticket.3. Cash in the Weekly Round 2.4. Play better.
  9. Don't pull your hair out playing these freerolls.
  10. Lakers in 5, Cavs in 6. Lebron vs. Kobe Finals with Lakers in 6.
  11. From what I've seen of Gruden as an analyst on NFL Network he just didn't have it. He can't be any worse than Tony was on MNF though.
  12. I would do a stop and go, depending on the flop. Basically I mean if you want to flip for your tourney life right now go for it, but theoretically you still have plenty of BB's left for this not to be your last stand. Smooth call, and if the flop comes out low shove. If the A or K hits you can go quietly into the night and still have some wiggle room to play. All-in isn't the worst play, but there is always more than one way to skin a cat.
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