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  1. "You could have folded!"Also, I don't remember the quote, maybe someone can help me... it was Doyle and he went all in with a pair of 3's which were good, and someone asked him how he could go all in on that, and he was like "How can YOU go all in on that?"actually, this was a quote from a WPT event, don't remember which or who he was playing, but I believe DB had the following to add - "This isn't Solitaire" - Doyle BrunsonJ
  2. I'll take a stake for tonights Midnight Madness or whatever...epiphany? - it's an easy game to play, difficult to win consistantly and impossible to master
  3. nice gesture! people dissing steaks are donks....(at least on this board)J
  4. I'd love one. Haven't played in a long time, work been keeping me busy and I cashed out of Full Tilt, so if you throw it my way, I'll play hard for it. Been playing some live cash games and doing alright.Good luck to who ever you pick!Jethrodull (Mt Pleasant)J
  5. so I read the whole thing before commenting, not that it matters but -this was one of the most interesting threads up until the deadline...I really wanted to see this come off because it was a great story - some unknown comes into OUR house (yeah, I know, I'm not really one of you "in" guys) and throws down a huge bet that seems togoodtobetruethen, well respected and banked FCP'rs get involved to legitimize the deal and I was in for the ride....sorry it didn't work out, but if it was a level, well, good job....if it was a douchebagtrollament, well, good job as well....J
  6. congrats TJ...nice article, well deserved recognition...J
  7. I'll play one for you.... nice royalJ
  8. so, is that a "tap it" score? if so, well doneJ
  9. what I'm saying is, I'd finish in top 3 before falling out...give it my all and produce before succumbing to the stress of the task....I'm there! and I'm good!!J(gl to your horsies)
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