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  1. do those prepaid greendot visa cards still work?
  2. nah i dont have money on stars. ill ship you 40 from epassporte for like 35 on tilt if you can do that?
  3. i havent played in a while and i guess epassporte no longer works. can anyone offer any suggestions about how i get some money on fulltilt?
  4. baseball-7 card stud with 3 ands 9s wild, a 4 face up will get you an extra card in the hole for one ante.follow the queen- standard 7 card stud but queen of spades in the hole is wild and low spade in the hole splits the pot. on top, if you get a queen whatever card comes next to the player to your left is wild, except for a queen, then it moves the the guy after that. And if the queen of spades comes up it kills the hand and you restart the hand leaving the pot in the middle. the most times we have played for a single pot is 14. these games are fun and lead to big pots.
  5. i used to have a home game in a restaurant where i used to work. they gave us beer and all the food and shots we could handle. every hand one 50 cent chip would come out and it usually covered what we drank. its a good thing to do if you provide food and drinks.
  6. anyone playing the 5k on stars? it started like 2 hours ago.currently i am 23 of 719
  7. epassporte is good and quick. the only problem i had with them is when i had to verify my account. they dont tell you until you go to deposit and you are declined. you send them a copy of your license, visa card, utility bill, and credit card statement. and it takes 7 days for them to verify it.
  8. hey i just signed up give me your email address ill put it on for another bonuse perhaps?
  9. they showed this hand on learn from the pros on FSN. DN and the Mouth were both there to talk about it and ended up calling each other donkeys for the majority of it.
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