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  1. Was playing a 1/2 NL game at Greektown Casino in Detroit. This was about 4 years ago and it was pretty packed. It was a normal night and all of a sudden I hear this lunatic flipping out about his bad beat. Not just mad and talking about it, he was standing, pointing, shouting and throwing F-bombs left and right. The poker room manager comes over and tells him to calm down or he will have to leave. The guy starts yelling at the manager and he calls security. As the manager is telling him he must leave the guy pulls his wallet out and yells "Do you know who the f*** i am!?!?! Do you see t
  2. I doubt he's broke. Probably just didn't want to do million dollar wires from his bank acct. I'm sure that would raise some red flags. But this does show that FTP just threw money around like it was nothing.
  3. Is it because you don't want others risking your money?
  4. well, layne does have 6 wsop bracelets. And honestly i don't know what it is but i love layne flack. He just seems cool as hell. Obv from his DUI. He just seems like a guy you would want to chill with. idk
  5. Best wishes to you and your grandpa. He will be fine. My dad had one put in after his second heart attack. Its a really easy surgery and like others have said, very common. The only weird thing you will have to get used to is looking at the bulge of the battery pack on the left side of his chest. My dad had his put in like 4 years ago and i still cringe when i see him without a shirt on. But he doesn't even notice it.
  6. I liked it too. But I really hate that bald douche who runs the operation. I just want someone to kill him quick.
  7. Just downloaded this movie from a friend. By far the best action/suspense movie since the bourne trilogy. If you liked those movies you will like this movie. Liam Neeson is a bad ass.
  8. Say you made 10k on pokerstars. Since pokerstars is in costa rica, could the IRS ever be able to find out how much you have made on pokerstars? (assuming you haven't made a withdrawl)just wondering.
  9. -Played golf with Dre Bly.-Had Herman Moore tip me 100 dollars just for putting his golf bag in his car when he played at the country club i used to work at.-Met Rip Hamilton
  10. great job ff7. Sick last hand....couldnt put him on the nuts. Great Cash!!!
  11. gg vtlaxer..nice cash...bs last couple hands. This final table is a joke.
  12. good luck guys. Railing....TID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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