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  1. nah, can't be that. it's not like they have rules saying that if you make a joke it has to be funny, with some moderator judging to see if your joke is funny or your chat gets banned. there was a lot less funny "jokes" by the other 11 year olds imho who were railing he's a full time poker player; one that is sponsored by Full Tilt. Supposedly one of the better pro's out there. I'm thinking he's overated just because he's black.
  2. My Full Tilt chat got banned apparently because I made a joke about Phil Ivey's personality. What the hell? I tried contacting support and it's been two days and they still haven't gotten back to me. Whenever I now try to chat a box comes up that says my chat is inactive and to contact support for further assistance. The stupid thing is I only remember using the chat to type around 3 sentences. I was watching Phil Ivey play $1000-2000 limit hold 'em, and people were talking about how great he is. So I thought I've have some fun and just typed in "with all his money, it's too bad he can't
  3. All this guy had to do was make the giant out of proportion bet on the turn to trick DN into calling. I mean it's that simple and easy.
  4. It's instant. You just have to fill in the routing number, checking acct. number etc. Only problem is there is a limit on your first few deposits to something like $500 a week or so until you make a few successful deposits with them. But there is no verification period, and you don't have to fax any id's or anything.
  5. I use the Instant E Checks thing at Full Tilt and think it's great. It's linked to your checking account so their is no third party place your money goes to, like with Firepay or Neteller, so there's one less step. Cost is $2 for deposits but withdrawals are free and it goes directly into your checking account. Some people might be weary of having their checking account linked to a gambling site; what I did was set up one on the internet (netbank) specifically for this.
  6. Are those Party Poker commercials foreign? There's something not right about them, I thought I was the only one who thinks this. So annoying that I want to bash the **cking tv in , especially when that voice comes in at the the end ------ "ooooohhhh pahty pahty pahty" , or something like that. I mean what the *uck!?!
  7. I've been playing with them since around 2001/02 and they have never offered anything but freerolls for them. At least back then the FPP freerolls had a $10,000 prize pool (once a month). Now their freerolls don't even seem to be worth the time it takes to play them.
  8. But now they charge you for $10 for the withdrawal regardless whether you funded your account recently. They suck. Now I need to find a better alternative for Full Tilt.
  9. they also increased the deposit fee from $3.99 to $5.99. I only use Firepay for Full Tilt so it doesn't bother me that much. What I wonder is how is Instadebit, which you can use at WSEX, able to have no charge to the customer for both deposits and withdrawals? If all the sites took Instadebit there really wouldn't be any need for neteller or firepay.
  10. Thanks for the responses! I'm kind of bummed, don't think it's worth it now to spend $800 for it. One advantage the 24 has over the 30 widescreen is the 24 has component inputs for the cable box, so you can play poker and watch tv without turnning your head. I guess I am pretty lazy.
  11. Hello,Can anyone who has the Dell or Samsung 24 inch monitor tell me if you can see a whole web page, like these forums for instance, without having to scroll down? or would I need the 30 inch widescreen for that? I kinda want a monitor where I can just see and read the whole page without scrolling.
  12. Where do you find this? I just downloaded PS and don't see this anywhere. I see the regular HORSE tourney with two guys left, but what is "second chance"? Nevermind, I finally found it. This site is way too confusing, reminds me of when I tried to play at Party Poker. Too many god damn tourneys and options listed it gets confusing
  13. Of course I understand what america is all about. You don't have to support our leaders, in fact I think Bush may be one of dumbest presidents we ever had. I just hate when someone from *ucking Canda comes to live in this great country, and takes advantage of all the goodness in this, the greatest nation on gods green earth, that we have to offer, and then talks shi* about our president. If he was an American, then fine, he can think and say whatever he wants. But, he's just a god damn foreigner; a guest in our country. If he don't like what Bush is about, just get the *uck out of here.
  14. Daniel, why not just move back to Canada? I *ucking hate foreigners who come this country and talk shi* about our leader or political system, yet enjoy all the good things we to offer in this greatest nation on gods green earth. So obvious you've never graduated from high school, you sound like the 14-15 year olds who make up 95% of this forum. Maybe take the time to learn about world politics before you blog this kind of idiotic crap. Just STFU and go back to Canada.
  15. the 200-400 PL omaha games there are crazy-- saw a pot for more than $350,000 the other night between the baller guy and luigi. Whoever happens to be "hot" that day can easily make over $150,000 in an hour or so; seen it happen regulary now.
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