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  1. Yeah! I wont get it! You're so funny! Keep beating up those old jokes, you're doing great! And don't let my little words on your computer destroy your e-reputation, I'm sure you will come up with something good! You are a forum god! I like how you jump in a thread to defend a douchebag like DDIDM even though you KNOW he is wrong for creating threads about me in the first place, but hey, back him up lemming. Be that follower, it is better for people with no thinking ability to follow, rather than lead. Keep it up!
  2. You dont get it? Let me break it down for you and your e-thugs....A majority of the people who are posting on this thread are in a "group" of 30-45 year old washed up morons who have no life and decide to lurk around on this forum. Thats fine by me, if thats what gets you off, GO FOR IT. If that is what you like to do for "fun," so be it. Now, the bad part follows:You middle aged losers like to attack in groups no matter how wrong someone in your "group" is. This way you always got each others "back" and no matter what goes down, you'r fighting as a team. A lame excuse for people with no real life friends. You just hang out here on the interweb and gang up on people. It's called a "gang." A group of scared losers who have to bind together to attack. A group of idiots who are afraid to be "alone" and have to be a follower, a lemming, a copycat, someone with no creativity. Someone with no discretion.You don't get it? Or are you just playing dumb? Or are you in denial?
  3. JMoney2681

    The Hideout

    After reading how badly people play razz, I might be next to join in on the cash game fun.
  4. Oh sure, no problem answering this, since you probably didn't first read the thread that DDIDM started about me, first. This is probably part of the confusion. The story goes like this. . . . .I was on Full Tilt messing around on a $5 sng and after I busted out I came to FCP, and guess what I found? A thread, about me, in the SNG I lost. And guess who started it? DDIDM. . . So, anyone with a reasonable mindset would be wondering, "Why would he do this? Well, let us go a bit further down the rabbit hole and find out just why he would take the time to do such a stupid thing. . .DDIDM was on Full Tilt, and decided to look me up on the find a player search function, (as he has nothing to do with his life) and found me sitting at the SNG. He then proceeded to stay and watch me, (I don't know why, either he wanted to be a cheerleader and be part of the cheering crowd, OR he is a loser with no life) I'll let you be the judge. So anyway, back to the story at hand.After I bust out of the SNG DDIDM decides to have a GREAT idea. He goes through and finds the hand histories for the hand I busted out on, and decides to copy it. He then heads over to FCP and starts to create a thread about it, showing his affection/obsession for me. Ya know, things that stalkers will often do? At first I was mad that someone would do such a thing, but I quickly realized that DDIDM doesn't hate me at all, no sir. He loves me. He needs the affection. He gives me all this attention, but really, he just wants it back in return. And I told him no, but he still keeps on keeping on.So those are the kind of things people do when they stalk others, and to answer your question, I am merely trying to help him out so that he can find a new partner to engage in e-relationships with. That is the sole purpose for me, creating this thread. I'm trying to be the bigger man here and help him out with his finding of new love. He needs someone new, a new compantion, to love and hold and cherish. Someone who he can take long walks on the beach with, and water paint like no other. Will you be that guy?
  5. Here comes the group of lemmings!!! By yourselves, you all are nothing, but coming prepared in a group of attacking people, and you have a chance. Kind of like when people are in "gangs" and fight in groups. You all remind me of that. A bunch of followers, grouping together to attack. You know who you are. It's sad really. FCP Lemmings unite!!!
  6. If you're a way better cash player than tourney player, then why the hell are you playing tourneys? This doesn't make any sense to me. And stopping when you are up $100 isn't always such a good idea. Make a set # of hands or hours or something along those lines. Often times players will play too long when they are losing and not enough when they are winning.
  7. No, no...Did you guys know that DOYLE and CHAN won their 10th bracelet?!!!ZOMG!!!!11!!!
  8. How can that be? Did you start to drift off in the negatives? Or are you on some "I.O.U" plan where you just owe people IQ points now, instead of going negative? I mean, since you have none to begin with.Oh yeah, and FUCK OFF Damn it, you beat me to it, but I was being serious...And mine was funnier
  9. I would say..."We landed on the MOON!" But is outplayed now..so instead I will say.."What the fux is the internet?
  10. JMoney2681

    The Hideout

    Well boys and girls, I'm out, its official. For all those that weren't a d1ck head, thanks, for all of the lemmings that were, FUCK OFF.
  11. If you think I don't understand contracted words and how they are spelled, and if you believe that I didn't know the difference between "your" and "you're" then I've got some things to sell you. I am well aware of how to spell, if you look through my threads I rarely misspell words, let alone confuse your with you're...So are we done with the your/youre? I said it as a "jopke." So DDIDM goes lurking for me at 3am and finds me in a SNG and starts watching me and posting up hand histories about me, he then even has the time to come to FCP and start a thread about me and trying to flame me, but all you guys think hes cool, yet I make a FUNNIER thread but I'm the jackass? This makes a lot of sense here. I'm glad you aren't a bunch of followers or lemmings, trapped in a little forum where you can't think for yourself and are intimidated by the new people so you join in group hate meetings and try to attack someone. Oh no, wait, that is the majority of you followers on here. Do you all where those "members only" jackets? If this statement offended you then you're obviously in that group, if it didn't then you just might be normal. You must all be far more mature than me, and have a great group of internet friends. Congrats to the vet champs. Maybe I will get you all a trophy or something. Again, if this offends you, then you are IN that group of followers that attack the new guys and try to remain e-tough. You all stick together like flies on a horses ass. How cute.P.S. This was not meant towards the few decent human beings here. You know who you are, if you thought DDIDM was ok to make a thread about me and obsess about me, and that it wasn't ok for me to try and help him out with a wanted thread, then you're a douchebag.
  12. Each Casino is different really. Depends. Some split, some don't.
  13. A few dollars for a decent pot isn't unheard of nor all that bad. Unless you are playing for a living, an extra dollar every now and then won't hurt you.
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