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  1. Where can I listen to this?I looked on the website, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
  2. I interpreted it as Russ Hamilton too. I really don't know who else Daniel would be talking about. I think on the 60 minute special they said that Hamilton lived in a gated golf community. I am not sure if it was TPC, but for some reason I think it might have been.I can't believe Hamilton would show his face in a place he knows so many high profile poker players play golf. These are the very people he is accused of cheating. Maybe he is trying to cheat them on the golf course.
  3. Hey allI know I am a little late to the party but I am trying to figure out how to transfer my FCP poker account to Poker Stars. I haven't been playing much poker of late so I never thought much about the FCP room being transferred to Poker Stars. I now want to play some poker and don't know how to use my FCP account on Poker Stars.If anyone knows how to do this I would really appreciate it.Thanks
  4. Hi,Last year the NBC Heads Up Poker was a blast. This was a result of the awesome contest we had on FCP.Are we going to do it again?
  5. I'm in!!!I just hope I registered properly because I am a tournament donkey.
  6. Hi guys,I just tried to register and need an invite. If some one could send me one that would be awesome.my email is sfrelick@hotmail.comCheers
  7. I just read on CardPlayer that DN has already been eliminated. It said "details to come" lets hope that CardPlayer is joking and he is still in.
  8. If I were you I would sign up one of your relatives and play under their account.If you were ever asked to prove the residence in Canada this could be difficult. Simply having a P.O. Box won't give you any documentation of residence. Whereas if you sign up a relative they can send in the documentation for you proving that they are a resident.This might be over doing it a bit but I would say it is better to be safe than sorry.Cheers,Scott
  9. I hear you. We all have our own personal preferences and we are biased towards them.The shitty thing for me is that I liked things just the way they were. I wish we could stay with the OnGame network. Yes, there are problems with the software, but then again there are problems that can be found in all the gaming software.As a Canadian I can play wherever I like, but I am partial to FCP and would like to continue playing here.I know the people at FCP and Daniel will make the best decision available to them for the long term success of FCP. Their hand has been forced and they will do whatever is
  10. What is left? We can't join Full Tilt , Poker Stars, or BoDog; we are running out of options. With exception of the server downtime and not having resizable tables I personally liked the OnGame network.I am not saying that Prima has the best of everything just that I would prefer it over Absolute network. I like the idea of building their own software, but are there enough players on FCP to support a stand alone site? I don't think we have the numbers to keep it self sufficient. We will have to partner with someone else in order to have the player depth. Maybe a partnership with Hollywood poke
  11. All I ask is that it is not an Absolute Skin. I personally think it is the worst site I have ever played on. I would vote for Prima if I can give my 2 cents. Or maybe the network that doyles room is on.
  12. which bank off shore? I live in Canada and I have accounts in the U.S. but none off shore.Is it easy to open one up online or do you need to be there in person?Any information is appreciated.Cheers
  13. 1. Highlight the cells you would like to format2. Right click on cells and select format cells in the drop down menu3. Make sure the number tab at the top of the format cells is selected4. Scroll down to the bottom where it says custom and past in [Green]#,##0_);[Red](#,##0)I hope this helps.Cheers
  14. I opened an account for my girlfriend and myself. Both accounts received the funds the next day and I have withdrawn from both accounts.Sucks to hear that you are having a problem, but I wouldn't worry about it. I am sure you will get the money soon enough
  15. My hate for the Steelers grows. I knew I should have waited for the bet next week.
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