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  1. Out of invites. Others should post and help people out if they want in.
  2. Anyone have a good strategy for RoShambo? Is it true that people throw rock more than anything else?
  3. Pm me your email. It's free.Yes you can cash out anytime. I cashed 90 bucks but worked it back up from 10. I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to risk 5 mil to win 10 mil though. lol
  4. Cool. How far have you got up?If anyone needs invites PM me with your email.
  5. Anyone here play Moola?It's pretty fun and I saw it on NWP. You start with a penny and play games like RoShamBo and stuff to keep doubling it up as much as possible.Right now I'm at 122 dollars. The hardest part is the first 10 matches but after that you'll have a bankroll to work with and it's easier.It's moola.com if you havent heard of it.There's a game called Gold Mine that has a skill level to it and it's beatable with a good +EV strat. I usually start by throwing low gold amounts and save the biggest for the end or to win a tie breaker.
  6. Wow Daniel,This guy would love to have you and everyone you love murdered on the spot yet you say "GEEEE WHAT A GREAT SPEAKER. HES NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL. BUSH STUTTERS!!!"Give me a break. I'm not a Bush fan but even I can see what a monster the president of Iran is. Your blogs go out to millions of people not only here but on Cardplayer as well. Maybe you should think twice before you publish things like this.
  7. On stars under the private section.10+1 buyinpassword = tothebrain
  8. You don't know for sure it's not true. If he really did get tripped he might get pissed and any random thing could come out of his mouth.
  9. http://www.neverwinpoker.com/phpnuke/html/...pic&t=24345lol
  10. I was very suprized to see all this happened. How long have i been asleep?
  11. lol cth sat out the whole thing last time and bubbled.
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