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  1. just a quick questionwhy is this Dunk_17 such an arrogant dick all the time when he wins a pot? always saying thanks for the gift and bullshit loike that----has he even looked at his own stats for mtt play? gawd
  2. and quickly lost 405 k after thatbut gogogogo robin
  3. with 39 left robin bergren went from 400k in chips to 1.1 million---gogoggo robin
  4. the Bergren brothers (Sol and Robin) are from where I live. I know them and played poker at their place and they are super nice guys. It would be great for Robin to win the ME, would make up for some dickweed steealing money out of Sols Full Tilt account. And they could upgrade thier ugly *** front lawn--lol. Anyways, glgl Robin.
  5. sorry if this was posted be4--I'm not on here much--I just laugh at the look on Iveys face near the end of the vidhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN6wAHTWeEAerrr how do I correct the title of the post?
  6. i added a new avatar 2 minutes ago--testing,testing
  7. waddever is fine with me
  8. uhhhh that was sicktyvm for the quick support
  9. avesher on stars----I know its weak to make ur own thread, but I dont really know anyone
  10. Lee Jones [PokerRoom Manager] : I hope you'll be Extratic over $78K!Lee no speak English----awesome game tracy
  11. how could one not cheer for her--shes so excited (as by chat comments) sincerely hope she takes it down
  12. not me im stink poor--i dont even have 50 bucks to send anywherre---ugh i suck
  13. I know everyone on here is too smart to fall for this, but heress the warning anyways. There is this guy named christopher who plays on stars as chrey. He tries to get a person to send him 50 bucks in trust and then in return he says he will stake that person in a high buyin in tournament. Obviously he doesnt send the stake. Someone I know who is new and kinda too trusting got ripped off, obviously kinda dim for falling for it but so be it. And then he makes excuses---hristopher says:hello, This is chris's wife, he got into a car accident on the way too work this morning..his brother not
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