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  1. Did you also discuss with him what he would do if you would raise the turn?
  2. I really, really don't like the open limp OTB.PF, I think you have to make a judgement call, there is no right or wrong here in my eyes. If you feel he is making a stand against you, just go ahead an put it in. If you feel he has a strong hand, fold.As played, you are not getting away from this.
  3. I'd bet the river here. Flop texture can make you get looked up light.
  4. Fold. Although he played a straight/ set/ better two pair prtty bad, it are his most likely holdings.Also, he is raisng your bet with one player behind him to act, which is usually a sign of a strong hand.
  5. Interesting hand.I agree with others that said his hand looks alot like AsKs. Slowplaying a set or something else here just seems plain bad. With AsKs he can do some nice potcontrol while not being terribly afraid to get outdrawn. He might play it this way since he and Acid both are deep, and he doesn't want to inflate the pot just yet.If I was playing trying to represent 99,88,98 would look incredibly tempting. If you raise here, your hand looks a lot like those hands. Add in some draws and your range looks very dangerous to him. You know that you would never shop up in this spot with air or
  6. I think its wrong is not going to do it. I need an explanation ;)I'm not saying a TAG can't have an 8 here, but I think they fold an 8 PF >80% of the time. At least.
  7. A good TAG almost never shows up here with an 8 here when he calls preflop vs. a LAG. Implied odds, where 8 type of hands rely on are simply not there most of the time vs. a LAG.Also, just post the hand 3 months fromnow fro the other perspective with AK and look at the responses. I've done this a few times and it can be interesting at times.
  8. www.pokertracker.comYou can trail use it for 1000 hands.
  9. How often are you check calling the flop with a set? I'm guessing >5% of the time. You almost never have a big ace here either, unless its AcKc/Qc but you would repop those preflop most of the time I hope. Bottom line is.. I can't see you playing a strong hand this way, but I can see you show up with missed draws here. Hands like JcTc, or AcXc. Although it would be stupid to turn a weak ace into a bluff here since we have decent showdown value.I don't like it.
  10. Eddie,move down where they respect your raises.
  11. Check behind on river looks good.I'd bet a bit bigger on turn and flop though. At least 3/4 pot.
  12. Thats pretty weird for him to overcall on the turn if he has three aces. But, its a weird play if he has a Q aswell.I think I call this. There is quite a bit of money in he pot. Once you made the comment he knows pretty sure that you don't have the ace, and he can feel at ease and show you his Q.
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