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  1. Any option to play more than 3 rooms at a time? If you could allow more rooms that is great for people who like to multi table a lot and on the same site.
  2. Is this new software or just moving it to another network?
  3. Just logged into it 5 minutes ago and it worked fine
  4. Appreciate the you doing this. It should be a fun watch.
  5. Its been covered the thread is on the second page now....
  6. That is the thing, isnt the whole low about credit card companies and debit cards not about third parties?
  7. US Still has to put regulations on it and they might not even bother with Neteller or 3rd party companies since tthey service things other than just online gambling sites. If not some other place will open up.
  8. No I lose all sound. No IM sounds, I can pull up winamp and play music but no other sounds. Even when the table has "focus". Nothing works so far except closing out and then window task manager its still there and I have to end the process. It will lose sound soon after
  9. Anyone have a problem with Full Tilt losing sound? I lose all sound while playing. It is really annoying.
  10. So Ongame is pulling out of the US but they are supporting FCP for a limited time. Is that correct?
  11. I am pretty stupid, I didnt read the stickey ( thought it was the same ones before) Please disregard this...
  12. I know they have forum for that but I thought putting it in General would get more attention from either a mod or FCP Info.
  13. Just noticed this cashier is taking a long time and poker account is no longer an option to transfer to. Are they not letting US Citizens? Another FCP member said the same thing was happening to him.
  14. Everyone will flock to another site if Stars cuts US residents out. It will mostly likely be Fulltilt or Dise. Hopefully the pokerroom sites will get more people.
  15. Here is a link to Stoxpoker forum talking about texas limit king.http://www.stoxpoker.com/forums/showthread.php?t=332
  16. Why is everyone worried about Neteller being shut out from US Residents? I havent read anything where it is saying neteller will be closing US accounts. Didnt want to make a new topic. I dont see how they can regulate Neteller since it services other things then poker sites.
  17. Thank you for saying this. For some reason that guy cant get it through his head. People are really going crazy over all this we need to wait it out a few more days to see what Neteller and other major poker sites end up doing.
  18. Yes I have the exact same feelings if I go on a bad streak. I am like I could have bought this or that with the money I lost. Weird feeling
  19. Same here, never paced so much in my life
  20. Spirit Rock is Prahlad Friedman (sp?)
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