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  1. Every 5/10 lhe game I've played in requres either a 2-3$ small blind.
  2. I'll rub it out whenever the mood strikes, but I never ever rub it in.
  3. I'm not sure if it's the beers I've had, the insane workday, or what, but I have not laughed like that since I was a kid. Thanks for the link!
  4. Game Theory says you have to definately move allin preflop to protect your hand.
  5. Play Hi/low (no qualifier) NLHE, w/ 2 jokers. You'll be in for a good ole time.
  6. I can see now why Singer stopped practicing law. My 3 year old nephew can make a better case than Singer's "I don't want it that way, so rule in my favor" argument.
  7. Given the 1 in a million chance you make the final table, I wouldn't even dare to risk it. I've mangaged to use fake ID's in casinos but never to the extent it would be used in this situation.
  8. Noone has a picture of a bus? I am so ashamed of this thread.
  9. Another Click2Pay fiasco in the making.
  10. What where you hoping would happen when you called the preflop raise? That flop, in a 1/2 game, w/ your hand, you should only hope you both have deeper stacks. Set over set happens but you would have to have xray vision in order to make a fold in that spot the correct play.
  11. Update: Ap didn't give me a reason why the check bounced other than processor problems. They just now deposited the 200 back into my poker account.
  12. That was him wasn't it? Thats where his money came from, I thought.
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