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  1. token mention of Caro's Book of Tells. good book.
  2. This isn't a variance support group. We all know what it's like to be card dead. Be happy that you didn't go card dead until the end and cashed for an OK amount.
  3. no more Harry Potter jokes. everything about that series sucks.
  4. It was on tonight's episode of The Office aka the best f***ing show on television.
  5. that's f***ing stupid, man. don't ever criticize another poster again.
  6. Yeah, I play my draws hella aggro in chess. Usually the other guy looks at me funny when I shove all my pawns into the middle of the board.
  7. best. post. ever.holla, kid.
  8. well praise the lawd because he had such a good chance of becoming our next president.(sw)
  9. Of course it gets worse the lower you go. I'm simply saying limit poker is highly profitable. 2/4 and 3/6 are no different on Bodog. It's only BR restrictions that keep me from moving up a level.
  10. He has serious game anyways, but he'd be so sick if he had any kind of steam control.
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