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  1. My universal translator is not working can someone explain to me what the OP is trying to say?
  2. The admin's at pocket five operate under the assumption -- its my ball, play by my rules! -- What are the rules? -- I will make them up and enforce them as I see fit!Some people can use four letter words, some cannot.
  3. [quote name='Potomophobia' date='Friday, August 3rd, 2007, 11:09 PM' post='2055165']First, I have to quote "wowthats": "The half that does vote are to stupid to understand what or who they are voting for."I would be careful about calling people stupid. The errors in the above statement are more than you can comprehend. First you have to be able to read and comprehend what I wrote first, then and only then should you make reference to what I Heard and liked.
  4. My job takes me to LV frequently, I do not consider myself to be on the inside of the happenings in Vegas, I do have friends that are in the inner circles. On many occasions each has said they think it very sad television is creating idols out of people who are out right bad people or should be in jail. Only a few names are never mentioned, I can say, I have heard every cheating, wife beating, drug addiction, robbery, burglary, bad person and so on stories. I consider some rumors / stories to be fabrication however there are some stories that so detailed that it turns your stomach.A saying I h
  5. I really don't care if the story is fake or real... I like reading the responses. Wannabe Lawyers, wannabe hitmen to wannabe poker players.
  6. $1 dollar per win is enough should the pot be over $20 -- A point to consider -- the dealer is risking nothing -- unless the dealer makes a mistake what is going to happen is going to happen. Therefore $1 per win is enough -- should you feel compelled to give more -- that is your decision.
  7. I would say you got lucky for making a bad decision or the other players got unlucky.
  8. Wish I could take credit---I was on the sidelines both times.
  9. I personally believe it has alot to do with telecast on ESPN showing the pros calling and raising with Ace anything.... and winning.
  10. Last night and at the las minute I decided to play in live 80 person NL Sit - n- Go. The table was very friendly with open discussion about anything and everything. We had been playing 10 to 15 minutes, I am dealt A-4os and looking at a raise to call, I fold. Four players behind me call.Flop: 4s-5c-5sSB makes it 1200, button raises to 2400, all players call.Turn: AsAll check to the button, button bets out 3500, one fold three callersRiver: 9sCheck to the button, button goes all-in, all the players fold.Player in seat 6 in disgust grabs his cards and says "I can't believe you caught runner-runn
  11. 1) from above, if it's me that is called and I want to muck, but see his hand without showing mine, I should say "playing the board" which would force opponent to show I wouldn't recommend doing this, to many people in homes do not understand that the cards play, not what you call plays. This may lead to more confusion when playing with people who do not understand the rules or played by obscure rules when they were growing up.When I play in homes games I always ask.1. Are there any rules you play by that I need to know about?2. Are you playing by Vegas rules?
  12. Home Games = Always Establish the rules upfront, make sure everyone understands the rules and how they will be interrupted.Note: Playing online or in casinos is tough enough, playing in home games where the semen pool of the genetically challenged is playing is another topic.
  13. How do you know this? Is it first hand knowledge? Are you making assumptions based on Star Trek?Did Brandi tell you this?
  14. I am trying to figure out if gmanshade is actually jealous of Wil Wheaton or suffers from low self esteem. I also don't not understand the odd attraction to Brandi Hawbecker, more than likely she is out of gmanshade's league. However assuming she isn't, what can you offer Brandi that Capt. Tom didn't?
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