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  1. Oh, right. I never took that into consideration. Way to ruin my argument with all that logical thinking, Bob. LOL.What about not paying taxes on it at all? I'm in Canada so there's no tax on gambling winnings. Maybe I just don't have a job anymore because I've been living off my lucky gambling wins. From what I've read, You're only supposed to pay tax on earnings as a "gambling business" if there's a "reasonable expectation of profit". Betting and cash prizes are allowed for skill based games. For example, a bowling tournament where players' entry fees are put into a cash prize pool to
  2. Yeah, this sucks. I've been thinking about switching to PokerStars for a while. Now I will for sure. Supernova will be much better than rakeback on FullTilt.
  3. If we're doing our income tax report as a professional poker player we can obviously then write off various business expenses for our job. I've heard of people claiming write offs for all kinds of things so why not the rake? People claim the expense of an internet connection as a write off. The internet is required to play poker online so we pay the internet company to provide us with that service. The online poker sites provide us with the service of creating a player pool and running games for us to join. This service is required for our job as well and we pay them for it through the ra
  4. I think it's played well. We could raise bigger on the flop, but I don't think it's such a big deal. I think it's definately good to raise the flop though. I don't think it's turning the hand into a bluff at all really. Sure we probably have to fold to a re-raise, but at this level people are probably calling with weaker hands often enough to get some decent value here.
  5. Holy Crap! That's rediculous! I would have instantly called for a supervisor. Also, how the hell can the dealer not say anything if you're not allowed to be on your phone during a hand? That's terrible.
  6. Nice gift for Greenstein in that pot against Cada. That was an interesting hand. Maybe he can use that money to take out the loose cannon now. That was pretty funny when he asked her if she was asian, lol.
  7. Wow, I didn't even notice about Jamie Gold. LOL.
  8. These are the odds given from bet365.com for the main event this year. Chris Moneymaker is 225-1 while guys like David Benyamine, JC Tran, Phil Galfond, and Noah Boeken are all 250-1. Really? Where the hell do they get these numbers from? LOL.
  9. Yeah, sounds like your plan is generally pretty good. Even a bad player figures out you slowplayed the nuts if you call the flop, call the turn, and shove the river. It could be a pretty cool line to take for bluffing a nit off a big pot though.
  10. Wow, Daniel just crushed that kid's dreams. If he folds his QQ, the loose cannon doubles up off Williams. This week's loose cannon ran pretty damn bad. I feel bad for him. I thought he played pretty well.
  11. I'd bet like $0.35 on the flop. Try to get some money in the pot. Bet bigger when you make a hand to get more value and less when you're bluffing to make it cheaper when it doesn't work. It sounds way too obvious and exploitable, but I don't think many people are paying enough attention for that to matter. As played, I'm getting it in here. Maybe you get shown a set sometimes, but I think you're up against a weaker A or a flush draw often enough.
  12. What's with everyone min-raising the flops lately? I just noticed people starting to do this a lot. Seems it's almost always a cheap attempt at a bluff.
  13. What's the difference between a poker player who is a fan of Tom Dwan wanting to see him at the WSOP or a golfer who is a fan of Tiger Woods wanting to see him at the US Open? Tom Dwan is just another poker player, but he's one of the most successful players in the world. Tiger Woods is just another golfer, but he's one of the most successful golfers in the world. You say anyone can be a pro poker player if they tried hard enough, but you could say the same thing about the golfer. If he worked as hard as his hero Tiger Woods did, maybe he would have been out there winning the US Open today
  14. I don't mind the terrible play from Wiggins. I think it's just funny. If you don't like him though, next week should be better. I was reading on 2+2 about next week's loose cannon. They got some guy that grinds $2/$4 NL and $3/$6 NL on Stars. Apparently he's a winner in those games and he's on pace for supernova elite so he plays a lot and should at least know what he's doing.
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