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  1. I just wanted to get people's opinions on this. I just started playing rush poker, it's pretty crazy to me how many hands/hr you can play. I think just in one window (i know you're pretty much multitabling a bunch of tables) i played around 300 hands/hr. I did pretty well but want to know what the general consensus is on this form? I pretty much played abc cuz it's hard to read anybody consistently unless i remember them from other hands/tables. Pretty much ranges tighten up right to beat this game?
  2. looks pretty good, hard to know w/o knowing how the others play, but it looks like good value
  3. imho i fold here preflop, i know flatting it would be ok to some, but at this money level, and the blind level being so early, i fold here b/c more times than not, there's gonna be 2-4 callers/reraisers, and JJ to me is not a hand i want in that situation. So early in the tourney, I wait for a better spot. But that's me.
  4. Fold preflop based on your impression that they were ABC players.But if you decide to play w/him, either raise preflop, or raise on the flop or turn, minraise imho is horrible and reeks of weakness.
  5. Truth in this. It's something when I go to AC and play. People buying insurance when they have 15 or 16. lol at them, even the dealer will be like "are you sure." Then i watch as the dealer who doesn't have bj takes their insurance money, then takes their bet money.
  6. I hate AQ in this position. The guy that folded to the reraise prolly had a small pair, and you're probably flipping in this situation. Don't think you're getting the greatest odds, but hey there's people that instacall this. I would fold, and because of his remark about taking it down (lol), he prolly holds JJ
  7. I'm in VA too. Are you around the tidewater area? I've heard of a poker hall close that does something like this.
  8. I wish i could even afford to play these games. lol
  9. yeah that's why I said it was stupid to beat him up over this. I do have a family, they always come first in my head. He called me all kinds of names, got in my face, it just made me smile really.In a casino environment I know most of us would've loved this situation. Guy w/money to burn on massive tilt. In AC I'll stay on a table for however long it takes to take these people's money.
  10. I ain't gonna lie, when I'm at a casino, I love those people cuz you can just prey on them all night. But I had to go, everyone knew I was leaving soon. Had a good night winning money, had to get up early the next morning (kids/school/work). I'm normally pretty quiet at a table; only said what I said after he was calling me a biitchass n shiit. He acted like I insulted his mom or something. That's why I said "I'm here to play poker."It was funny to me really. while in his tirade, another player who I didn't know but knew the villain was like "calm down, it's just a friendly game...", villain
  11. what are u talkin about? I didn't "hit and run" anything. I play there regularly first, and I always leave around 1 am, after the hot hand and before the blinds get to me. I deserve to lose what? I played my hand. He wanted to "get me" with a garbage hand, I won, he knew I was leaving soon. I played another round before leaving anyway. So I gotta stay there and please him so he thinks he's gonna get his money back? I got there at 8pm and steadily grew my stack near the end of my night before this hand. If anything he should be mad at himself for playing that hand he had.Win lose or draw i s
  12. I did stay for an extra 20 minutes, about 1 more orbit w/that full table. I had KK like 2 hands later when he wasn't at the table (assumed he went to let some steam off), ended up losing 40 on that hand on the river to a straight. The hand w/the villain was about 1245, table went around, hh at 1am, then i left when the blinds got back to me.And he was there since 830, so it wasn't like I played and ran. He said he was gonna get me, i was just playin my hands. And I'm asian too, he wasn't gonna beat my ass lol. I'm not even in that mode, I play poker w/no ego. He starts talkin shiit to me, I
  13. So me and a friend play in a 1/2 game a few days ago. We get there at 8pm (they run a hh for those early players at 1am, for which we were gonna leave after the hh). I start at 150, and over the course of the night get up to about 350. My image is tag, while everyone at the table (excluding my friend who was card dead the whole night) is very lag. The villain, some asian older guy (about 45) dressed in shirt/tie/massive jewelry has been talking about how he makes near 6 figures even though he's playing a 1/2 game lol. anyway about halfway through the night i win a hand w/a set of 9s and he s
  14. don't know if its the "right" play, but i shove the flop.
  15. I would call, reluctantly. But I probably would've went allin instead of calling the initial 26, to try to isolate. QQ to me is not as strong with muliple people.
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