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  1. I was a little boozy when writing that post so I wasn't trying to be a dick but the general point stands. In low quality games the EV with big hands is getting loose calls pre-flop. In the higher limits ppl respect 10x raises pf, which lowers the EV of strong raising pf with AA, KK, QQ. You have to manufacture EV by inducing good players to make bad calls through mis-reads. But it's rare when you're in a 1-2NL LIVE game where ppl properly respect high pf raises by new players. The only time you sweep blinds is when nobody has better than gap-connectors or worse. So be it.Lately I've been
  2. remember, loose live players don't think of a $6 raise as raising 4x big blind, it's only $6 more.. why not call?? Push it to $20 and you still get a lot of players calling with trash like 88, 99, JJ, AK, KQs, etc.
  3. In 1-2 live games, I'd punch myself if the PF raise holding AA was less than 7xbb. 1-2 live cash games are notoriously loose. Unless you're pegged as a tight player deep into a session with decent players, I wouldn't even think about attempting to try to soft raise such a strong pf hand.You're a newbie in a 1-2 live game, extract value pre flop. As much as possible. Raise to $20 and I bet you get at least 1 caller. Then you're heads up with top pair at minimum.. Allow people to use implied odds with a soft raise and you tie your own noose.Just sayin
  4. Playing a live PLO hand..Holding a nut flush draw with a broadway gutshot on the flop. the turn is low without pairing the board, giving me a gutshot wheel draw in addition to a gutshot broadway and nut flush draw. Outs are sitting at about 15 and there's $330ish in the pot. I have $115 left and the person to act in front bets $150. I call, hit the flush and take down the monster pot. Reasoning being, lots of equity in the pot and lots of outs to go. Any differing opinions?
  5. two different situations1st situation I had KK v. AA pf. The guy with AA said "one flop, three turn/river combos." K came out on the flop and I took 100% of the pot after a 5 minute argument about how the boards were run.2nd situation (a week later) I had AA v. KK pf. I offered to run 3X (full boards) and the guy agreed. First board came KK x x x, last two boards were duds and I wont 2/3rds of the pot. Lesson learned: Always run it three times!
  6. checking behind on the turn makes sense as Swoly said. A low, four card straight board against a blind is typically not the best place to roll out the semi-bluff. I mean, you have a 24ish% chance to hit your hand, a higher % if you include pairing up one of your overcards. But the SB probably wouldn't call that line with anything your over pair could beat. Betting 65 there more than doubles your exposure in the hand while introducing the risk of being popped by a made hand c/r.
  7. Couple weeks ago I shipped pf with AA v. KK. $500ish pot and I ask the guy with KK if he would like to run three full boards, he agrees. First board: K K x x xSecond and Third boards: x x x x xI win 2/3rds! Dodged a bullet there
  8. That sucks. Villain probly caught the straight or two pair with the 7. Hard to imagine you being ahead.
  9. Still taking time off from live play, playing low stakes online and relaxing. Will get into live mode sometime in the next couple weeks, but most local games are 1/3 so that'll probably be the format.
  10. This is why in my early days I started to raise really strong with TPTK against drawing boards. Gotta make the draws pay a hefty premium to keep going. If you're beat, then so be it.Of course, after meeting a lot of two pair/set type hands I moderated that approach by relying on reads + moderate raises to distinguish between sets and draw bluffs. Being in position helps of course, but the overall point remains: it's good poker to apply serious pressure to draws. If applied correctly, you win even when you lose (unless you're over-flushed of course).
  11. haha, seriously. I love these spots. Tell the guy you got a big pile of shit in your hand and he can either choke on it or walk away. That'll give him something to digest as he ponders a call. What a donk.. checks down with top two?? He doesn't deserve to win a pot. Ask him if he can spell RIO.
  12. Remember, you're playing 2/5 so these villains are short stacked. It's difficult to respect short stack raises with a made hand like that. The flop raise is certainly strong, but it got the action you wanted right? And besides, I'm happy to pick up the smaller pot in this situation to force out top pair, nf draw type hands. After all, how many times do you win $75 with 9d 3d?
  13. ahh jeez, i guess you guys can deposit your money in my account
  14. Good idea. I play micro stakes HU on UB. Would be happy to play, but I'm not a big fan of sending money to people I don't know on the internet (unless they beat me in online poker, of course).
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