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  1. hes gujarati...wut do u expect???
  2. hopefully bombaclot is going to get a name changedn playing 3/600 HU with pa would be fun to watch
  3. the leafs D really stepped up after aubin was put in. 6 shots. they play alot better and have more confidence in front of him. Aubin FOR THE START.
  4. if u were a true Leaf fan DN you wouldnt wear other nhl team jerseys.just sickening. i guess ur not a die hard.
  5. i couldnt stop laughing everytime gabe called benyamine david benjamin.
  6. canucks suck ***one player teaminjure luongo and lets see wut happenscasuck fans should on their knees thanking keenan and suckin his ****
  7. ur allowed to lie but not allowed to tell the truth- n. chad
  8. Canadians know wut march madness is. its a shame tho that americans dont know wut hockey is.
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