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  1. GO Nutzbuster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ron.
  2. Happy B-Day!!!! Have a good one!Ron.
  3. Why is every hand that get's posted have a "don't mind the misclick" in it? It seems that everytime someone posts a hand history they get defensive about they way they played it and then cover it with "it was a misclick"Admit you played it that way and deal with the comments, it might help in the long run.
  4. do the rebuys, build a chip stack, leave said chip stack and win the stud event, then go back and pick up where you left off in the plo event. He does this often durring the WSOP. When one event goes on break, he goes over to the other event and tries to pick up a few pots while he can.
  5. Yeah, ummmm if you want to call JC out...you might want to do it on his blog site. Also, it is the internet, if you don't like his blog there might be one or two other blogs out there in the interwebz that you might find more to your likeing. Just DON'T READ IT then.
  6. He still has the racing suit. My girlfriend didn't know who he was at first for event #2....then when she heard the whinning going on at a table and recognized the voice...then saw the suit....she said...he's even more annoying in person than on TV.
  7. got mine. Zach, if you ever need a stake to any tourney online (stars or FTP) let me know, I'd do it.
  8. MX957 on FTP. I didn't play golf but I was at the tourney....Adam, Mark, Scott, Rdog and Jesse probably remember me. I signed the form (Lindig was the last name).And way to go ZACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Sorry to hear that Fitz. I won't be able to make the tourney but my best goes out to you and his family.
  10. I get it, let second best catch up first, then you put the chips in the middle and hope for a re-suck. Good strategy.
  11. Bummer, get well soon. Today is a tough health day all around me...Girlfriend woke up with a bad cold this AM (We leave for Vegas on Friday) and my Brother threw his back out moving a chair for his in-laws last night and can't stand up straight (he's doing a Triathlon this weekend...guess not).I think with all the health issue's around me, I am going to go back to bed and start over tomorrow. Get well coper.
  12. Bump because it was on page 5 and it's getting close.
  13. Can you get ROI Rage from to much -RIO? Is it a banned substance in the Olympics?
  14. I couldn't sleep last night, girl friend was at her house ....so I kicked on the tube and this was on. Tivo has about 20 PAD shows in it that I haven't watched yet... Not sure I'll ever get bored enough to go back and watch those.
  15. I doubt it's about the money...it's just pulling one over on someone. Money just makes that an easier task to accomplish.
  16. I saw it as well. I think Robert is 100% positive Phil and Howard set him up. He's even more upset about it than Phil. LOL!!!!!!!!
  17. Look, the series hasn't even started. You'll see a ton of bad players show up. They'll mostly show up for the weekends and the $1,500 buy in events (wait, that's what I am going to do....coincidence??).Patience. You'll see what everyone talks about soon.
  18. Wait till late next week. You'll be amazed.
  19. Fine with me...I am not golfing or participating in Dinner....but I'll be there around 8ish or so for the tourney.
  20. My Girlfriend is going to be coming along. She doesn't play golf or poker. We get in 6ish Friday night so we'll be meeting up with everyone at the tourney. Staying at Paris Friday and Saturday and then moving over to the Palazzo Sunday-Wednesday.Ron.
  21. Is that physically possible?J/k Congrats!
  22. Folded up pizza with spaghetti sauce in the middle...kind of....
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