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  1. Daniel ended the night with 50k, top 20 of 133 left says Pokernews. This is hard to believe when the starting count was 30k. An update before play begins today will likely put him in the middle of the field.
  2. Haha no. We have an excellent atmosphere, well run and dealt games
  3. The casino will not make an interest list and will tell you there simply will not be enough interest. Also they will not run PLO, it is a table agreement to convert a NL omaha game PLO. Regardless the point is not that, if you would like to play at fallsview feel free.
  4. I dont really understand what you just asked. It is in Niagara Falls, Ontario. About a 5 minute drive from fallsview. We are running a 1-2 NLHE this wednesday evening, the UFC fight will be on. The game starts at 8:00pm.
  5. The room is in Niagara Falls yes, It is being run to provide a nice atmosphere for a poker game, and to provide games not offered live around such as PLO. Losing money is not an issue, as people normally chip in for their beer and such. I'll post pictures this week, you'll understand why people like to play here.
  6. No rake = LegalFree Beer = Legal
  7. It has come to the point that a few of us Fallsview regular players have had enough of the garbage the Fallsview Poker room stands for. Not opening tables with 100 names on the list, not offering other games (PLO), and just poorly run games. We have then opened an absolutely beautiful room for people to enjoy the game. We spread games not normally offered in Niagara Falls poker rooms, including a big buyin 1-2 game, limit holdem, as well as PLO and well structured sit and go's.Our games then, 1-2 NLHE 100-3002-5 NLHE 300-50010-20 LHE 500+5-5 PLO 300-5005-10 PLO 500+Well structured (5-6 Hours)
  8. In every live casino I have played in, this is correct, somewhat.The rule is that a raise that is equal to or more than the previous raise, reopens action. For example1 - Bet 2002 - Raise 4003 - All in 6001 - Call 6002 - This player is open to a raise here, since he raised from 200-400, and was re-raised by the same amount, to 600. However in the situation described in this thread, it is a small blind of 100, big blind of 200, and all in raise to 300. A limper does not have action in this situation because the small blind to big blind does not count as a raise. The first raise must be double t
  9. IN as RIDDELL, my first FCP fantasy league good luck guys
  10. I'm guessing you made a deposit or withdrawal or some of a bonus was released?All of these count as negatives towards your rakeback. Fees for deposits and withdrawls and bonus releases entirely all take away from rake.
  11. Others would call this multiplying by two thousand. Whatever works though. If your talking limit games, theres no need for 2000. I have read 300 but would suggest 500 Big bets.
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