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  1. LOL at High Stakes and $11K used in the same sentence - even for a home game.We have a website for our games that you have to register for and you have to be referred in order to even get approved to see the games on the site. We've had several robberies at games in my town over the last few years. Most memorable was a known "PTA" game in which parents would play while their kids watched cartoons. Guys showed up and pistol whipped people and tied people up right in front of their kids for a few hundred dollars of fun money from the parents and took their debit cards and demanded pin numbers.
  2. Anyone in Vegas Sept. 14th-17th? Probably playing the evening $150 at Caesars and random cash games in between.
  3. Out of curiosity and without and real particulars I'm looking for a general opinion.Live NLHE tournament, single table, 6 players remaining, non-rebuyBlinds 50/100 (30 minutes+ left in round)Action folds around to button who is short stacked with 600 and he pushes - Button is solid, been getting unlucky, but has been waiting for spot and is known to put it in with good cardsSB - 4200 in chips, good player, has shown that he's playing good cards and even showed some big lay downs, he calls 550 more with no hesitationBB - 3000 in chips - what's the minimal holding you need here to make call?
  4. Extremely boring, but way too easy to cash in not to play. Most hands Ive played in any one has been 5. Cashed in all 12 I've played.
  5. I can't imagine anything more boring than watching people fold to the blind 60-70% of the time. Especially when you are in Vegas and could actually be playing poker against horrible players who just try to give their money away.
  6. Awesome! I love cash game tournaments that allow straddles. Is this a joke post?
  7. I'm absolutely baffled as to how it got past 2 responses before dying. So yes, pretty much.
  8. Scenario: NL TournamentSB posts 100BB posts 200Seat 3 all in for 300What are the options for seat 4?
  9. Roberts and TDA unless you get a floor person who's an idiot.
  10. My question is why people still go to tellers. Why don't you just deposit via ATM? I do this all the time, in fact I just deposited 5200 earlier tonight. I've never had an issue. I stopped dealing with anyone inside a bank a few years ago as they are generally idiots who have no clue what they are doing.
  11. Ah yes, O'sheas. The only place where $100 will last you all day playing blackjack and drinking. But at least you can legally wager on beer pong there.
  12. Actually, you should release anywhere from 36-48 hours prior to when you want testosterone, levels have been shown to increase dramatically during those periods. Most bodybuilders will get one out of the way a day or two before a planned heavy day.
  13. Yawn, this girl is a dime a dozen in regards to looks. She's okay, but there are a million of them out there. Granted, she would be considered "poker hot" and benefit from that, but not for very long. She'd get her 15 minutes and end up like the rest, overrated and underperforming to expectations.
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