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  1. haha, no i'm comfortable with my 38' flat. It works well for me.
  2. Why should anyone? No one knows me, but yet you have all these people that make posts that i'm sure don't have a clue who we are talking about, but they defend him. If they want to blindly defend pple they dont know, thats their perogative. All i have done is put the facts on the table by quoting JC's own words to show his true character and what he is all about, which is using prejudicial spanish words to describe people he hates, and by bragging he has a big TV. If you know of anyone other poker pros that do that, please post their comments here and we can talk about how immature that s
  3. I am seriously laughing at that pic. Well done man! If those guys have a college degree and have life skills, i got their back.
  4. I am not envious of people who are so insecure about where they are in life that they attack the people who make comments on their blog and in turn brag about how big their TV is. I'll take being poor and making 35 grand a year in that case.
  5. I think JC should seriously think about what he's going to do once he runs out of money living the high life off of poker.He says he's a college dropout. I think that dude is going to have to go back to school at some point for a degree the way he bluffs off his chips.
  6. He doesn't have my respect, sorry. I'm not going to be someone who licks his ball sack just because he is a member at FCP. If he wants to make blog posts that flame anyone who criticizes his play, and in turn brag about his riches and what size TV he has, sorry, that doesn't equate to a respectable person in my book.
  7. Are you telling me that you have never met a black hispanic? Now who's the moron?
  8. I will expect his friends to defend him heavily on this one. But at least be objective about the situation and realize he made several big mistakes here. 1) There is no reason to bring up race when trying to insult somebody, no matter how much effort was put into (and failed) at an attempt to insult someone. 2) This speaks alot about this idiot's true character.....bragging about how great his life is compared to someone that reads his blog. Uh, Juan....we were are going out to restuarants and flipping for $300 bills, can you take some humble pie home with you for desert before you g
  9. I followed JC's blog for a couple of months. I actually had some respect for this guy and thought that he was somewhat forthwright, honest, and posted some decent blogs. Then i read his journal entry a couple of days ago, where he just went nuts off of someone who made a 2 sentence comment about his play. He then proceded to call another guy a "cholo" which is a slang for a low class black guy. One of my friends is from Colombia, SA and she said that the people they call "cholos" there are the black citizens who are very low class and poor.Wow JC, nice jab at black people there. And
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