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  1. Thanks all for the replies. I have since re-read the rule, and I can't wait to tell the guys i was wrorrr, er, a, wngng, er, you know. (old school fonzie reference).Anyways, what is the philosophical reason behind the rule? If EP calls, MP calls, BB shoves for 2.5k, why can't EP re-raise (i know what the rule states, because it was not a full raise, but thats not EP's fault)?You could read that the action is still "open" because the "action" is on the EP to call or fold (why not raise too?)Essentially it seems this rule is protecting the BB from isolation. Which is not really protection a
  2. Ok, I was playing in my home game. A monthly tournament. Blinds are 1k, 2k.Player A calls, Player B calls, Small blind goes all-in for 2.5k.Big blind wants to go all-in 8.5k to try to isolate.As far as I know the big blind is not allowed to raise here, because technically his bet was never raised (by the full amount).I am pretty sure I ruled it right, stating that the big blind is not allowed to re-raise. But my question is essentially - why does this rule exist?Anyone have any thoughts here?
  3. they should just start filming me now
  4. I drove from Sedona, AZ to Laughlin, NV and it was one of the most enjoyable and awe-inspiring drives of my life. I am from the east coast, so the elevations out there are new to me though. If you have time to kill, Sedona is one of the most beautiful places in the US, and there is a card room somewhere between Phoenix and Sedona too!Laughlin, NV has some casinos as well. I found a very juicy 1-2 NLHE game there that morphed into a Pot Limit HORSE game. Was great fun, won $400, comped a room and breakfast buffet too. River Palms Casino.
  5. What's your play there? I thought it was a good fold. I think a case could be made for any play (folding, calling, raising or even pushing all-in).
  6. I'll check it out, but I really wanted to avoid sharpie marks.Rounded corners are fine.What percentage of the decks had sharpie marks?
  7. yeah, thanksI was kind of hoping for a direct good review. So I can avoid ordering from some random ebay store or seller.
  8. There are a ton of sites selling the used casino poker cards, but some seem to be selling plastic coated cards, not plastic cards. Hopefully someone can point me to one that they have used and liked.I am looking to buy 20 decks or so.Has anyone ordered from a site and received a good value at a good price?
  9. Thanks for the info. I am actually going to San Diego on business.I will be around Solana Beach specifically. I just searched the card room directory over at pokerpages.com and found the Lucky Lady.Anyone have a website that may have info on other San Diego area poker rooms. It could even be an underground club, providing I could get in the door.I will be in training sessions 9-5, then looking for card playing in the evenings.Which of the above mentioned recommendations are nearest to Solana Beach?
  10. Any one play in the Lucky Lady Casino or any other place in San Diego Area?I will be out there for a week and would like to play some cards.Let me know limits and games if you can, and what type of players to expect, and anything else that you think is relevant.I usually play 1-2 NLHE in home games and Atlantic City when I get the chance.I would love to find a mixed game though.
  11. I have an idea that I need to protect, and determine how to execute it so it stays within the law.Post here or PM if you might be able to help.
  12. Thanks for the replies and the debate.I don't feel offended by the comments. I did mention that I played this badly. I just wanted to hear opinions on how bad.
  13. Home game. 1-2 no limit. 5 handed.Button (15 in stack) min raises to $4. This guy is a decent player, but doesn't know how to bet generally. In this case he really could have just about anything except complete garbage. Maybe a small pair or two face cards.Small Blind ($200 in stack) re-raises to $14 to go. Solid player. Probably could have a monster, but could possibly be trying to isolate initial raiser with a semi-strong hand.I am in the Big Blind with $60. I call with 78s, thinking that the initial raiser is sure to call (or push his remaining $1 obviously). I know this play is somewhat su
  14. define creepy?can the guy be creepier than your avatar and still not too creepy to share a room with?
  15. I would call the min raise preflop, so I am not as tight as the rest.but after that I would probably get away from the hand. You could be a head on the flop, but you are probably not a favorite to hold up. Once your bet was called you have to give someone credit for having you beat. Your flush draw is weak and your straight draws are not to the nuts, so basically you are down to 4 outs to a full house.You made a stab bet after the flop, which is fine, but after that I would be in check/fold mode.
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