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  2. this is why i think it probably was scotty. this was the best he could do, and is consistent with a drunk trying to rationalize what they've done while drunk. at no point does he say anything about how trashed he got, that that in and of itself was inappropriate, and that it was a major cause of the rest of his behavior. he'll also never admit that he probably wasn't the best player at the final table sober, and there was no way he was the best player there while hammered.this is just more embarrassment for the guy.
  3. i haven't posted in here forever, and despite how embarrassing scotty was, PB is an equally big tool.
  4. are there any FCP yahoo leagues still open?
  5. i know a lot of the pokerwire peeps myself, including stapleton. i don't have any insider info about what will happen to the show, but i too really hope it stays alive. as for this new trend in selling exclusive coverage rights, DN is right, it's bad for everybody except the WSOP/WPT and CP/Bluff. i personally thought pokerwire's staff was the best of them all, and hope everyone who works/worked there finds something else poker-related if that's what they want. overall, it seems like the "wild west" days of the poker boom are ending and it's becoming corporatized. it will be interesting to see
  6. it seems like you were ahead hands like JJ and TT the whole way, as played.without knowing that in retrospect, i feel like you did a very good--although accidental--job of representing KQ or AK here, which CO couldn't beat. it's such a standard rookie move to check flopped trips like that after a big preflop raise that you probably inadvertently sold it.how to play better? next time sell it on purpose! j/k.
  7. such weird overthinking. this is a hand wherein you have many likely holdings beat. if you don't, accept you're going to lose some money and move on.it feels like you want people to tell you it was OK to lose money to AJ.it was OK to lose money to AJ here.
  8. you can beat everything except a set of deuces, which it smells like.or KJ, or a draw, which you have beat.simple: judgment call.
  9. i agree. this isn't holdem. don't be so fancy.
  10. are you joking?first, i like your PF raise.you have top set and the best villain is doing on the flop is open ended. his underset is no good, nor is his two pair. you have most hands crushed. therefore, why not walk the dog here? if he has the hands i described, he won't get away, and if he's open ended, he has 8 outs and still leaves you with a redraw. a smooth call will probably get all of his money in on the turn. barring a scare card, you're calling and looking great.you're playing micro PLO. why overthink a profitable situation?
  11. there are good, disciplined players at every level. i find players at micro limits usually fall into two categories: bad players just starting out, and those who are pretty decent but lack a bankroll to play higher. you rarely find the whales with thousands of dollars to dust off playing losing online poker at $.10-$.25 tables...
  12. if i don't have somewhere to be, am not tired, and am not steaming--basically, if i think i can still play my A game--i never leave a table with players i think i can beat. but you have to be honest with yourself about those two things: can i play my A game and beat this table? if you can't, for whatever reason, you should walk.so, my point remains the same. the cards will run good and run bad, the same as for everyone. you will take beats sometimes. you will have to sit there and fold for 3 hours sometimes. if you can't do that because you lack patience or you're steaming from a beat you took
  13. this is the worst thread ever.the OP needs my avatar.
  14. there are a few things to consider that i feel like the OP is missing or ignoring. he described 3 hours of live play in a NL game wherein he saw at least 15 players and maybe 70 hands. this seems pretty standard in a game with no shuffler to me. my thoughts:1. among all the players you saw, i strongly doubt you were the best one there the whole time;2. i say this because of how you describe the play--young players basically giving their money away;3. yet somehow, you got very little of it and indeed lost over that time period;4. which frustrated you because you felt like it was "not your night
  15. i must be the only person who thinks this is an easy fold.
  16. pretty sure the board didn't pair and the guy left in the pot had either already hit a straight or did on the end.as every has said, you check raise should have been bigger on the flop, and there's no reason not to put your last $90-$100 in on the turn. if they guy already has a straight, hits one on the end, or has a bigger set, that's poker.
  17. i have an excel database file that you might want to use. email me at garsen74@yahoo.com if you want it. i guess i'll zero out my results and mail it to you...
  18. i've lived in LA for six years and genuinely think it's on the decline. the crowding and traffic just in the time i've lived here has become extreme, as has the cost of living. real estate seems to be on the decline, though likely not as much as the rest of the country, because there are still not that many desirable places to own a home here. also, for the most part unless you get lucky, forget the idea of sending your kids to local public schools.
  19. i should have been more clear. i wasn't worried i'd get jacked by the gov't over the deposit, i was worried full tilt would initially credit me the amount, then have to somehow refund it, etc., since it came from an american checking account. but, thus far nothing's happened, so i guess it's cool. talk about easy...thanks for the help, all. i haven't had to deposit in a long time.
  20. between shipping some $ to a friend to pay off a bet and dusting off the minimal amout left, i had to deposit on tilt today. oddly, they took my visa debit card seemingly with no problems. do i have anything to worry about?
  21. depends on your objectives. if you're playing to make money, the mantra at least in many circles is to play hours (time), not results. ie, if you think you're a winning player, every minute you sit at a table has value to you whether you're folding, losing by taking a beat, or raking a huge pot--it all comes out in the wash. therefore, if you think you can beat a game, the idea is to play as much as you can while still playing your A game. to handle the losses, you must use smart money management by not playing higher than your roll can withstand, etc., because bad swings do happen.if, however
  22. you guys are friggin' idiots. i can't believe i have to explain a joke that started on fcp to you. some time ago, rumors were circulating about certain high stakes players being broke, overweight, or in one notable case having been hit by a bus. it became a running joke on these forums, that was apparently missed by every anklebiting ****** who read this thread and just had to comment about what an idiot i am. good lord, what a bunch of uptight toolboxes...for the record, no, i do not really think sbrugby will be broke or dead in six months. good christ, what happened to this place...
  23. i don't know why everyone says the MGM is so juicy. every time i play 1-2NL there i see tables with maybe 1 or 2 live ones and about 7 other people trying to carve up the dead money. in vegas at 1-2NL that's a terrible table in light of how many bad players are floating around.i had a lot of success at paris, which seemed to run at least 2 $300max 1-2NL games all night long. it's kind of weird and dumpy, but the money was very good.
  24. i thought it was awful--boring and stupid. i still have a bunch of old episodes i downloaded awhile back that i'm unlikely to bother with.do they actually shoot in the middle of the night?
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