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  1. gl everyone, win one for ben he deserves it after the plethora of stakes recently. i gotta crash, poker gives me a headache.
  2. out. lol twice in a row i go out pp to pp aipf, this time 10's to J's. thx again ben, cards have been garbage for the last few days, went out of a tourny yesterday holding 9's all in pre vs k9...board...10 10 rag J J....i know. bbfidts.
  3. sick, i just got moved to their table. i shall do my best to avenge the sick beat.
  4. awesome, hopefully i dont get smashed by the deck.gl all. thx ben.
  5. really hot canadian girl wearing next to nothing. would love a chance to make up for carddeadness in the last one. either way a pic of kruek was needed.
  6. thanks again for the stake ben.can i get an update on whos left in? im rooting hard for someone to take one of these down so you can get some cash back.
  7. out in 86th...completely card dead the whole time, raised with AJ guy called, A hit i bet he raises im pot stuck and ship he calls...flopped a set of Q's...too bad.would love to play again sometime, sucks when you cant get anything going because youre card dead.
  8. lol awesome. hopefully siass doesnt exist so you at least get that 4.40 back. ill do my best to win this mother, although my luck is el terribles lately. glgl.
  9. ben i just noticed you left an "s" out in my name in your stakes post, i hope it was just a typo there cause i havnt gotten it yet, hate to think some jerk name siass has a stake meant for me.
  10. whoa, super awesome.hopefully at least one of us do well.
  11. gg man, 3 handed was hilarious. one person gets huge chip lead....slowly it gets back to even.and lol at you pwning him while waiting for support.
  12. GL man!sick sick run this guys been on lately, seems like hes playing great.
  13. no youre right. it wouldve done a ton of good though.
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