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  1. steve,Question for you on your opinion on playing at a certain limit that one would say is there middle ground of comfort. You sit down and start off the first 4 hours of the nite just getting on the loosing side of the stick. You think its because of the quality of players at the table, if you run in to this situation would you move up a level and try to find a better quaility of a table?
  2. hey gonzo they were bugadi tournys and i posted it that way too see if anyone would ask for more info because there was not alot of info and check out carbon if you want to play.if you read my post i stated that i got the last ace on the last draw and once again peaple cannot seem to understand what has been posted by a person.why the line from danial's book because 90% of peaple that play make that mistake and the title of that chapter is don't get married to your aces and if you count these posts you will se how many peaple get married to thier aces
  3. heres the deal. i have seen that almost every thread on this site gets flamed because peaple are doing it because they can and its getting really old. only one person even questioned the game i was playing. i knew if i started this it would get flamed from hell but i wanted to see if anyone would even ask or just be ****** bags and flame without knowing the details.why the vet card because i did not want to compared to eric ryland or gman.the game i was playing was bugadi and every time it seemed that i would get the last draw it would be an ace.pocket aces do not play.as i assumed this got to
  4. lets clear a few issues hear. I didn't start the thread with a suck out or bad beat line. I stated it was an odd day for me yesterday on the amount of times they didn't hold up. Did i shove in pre flop fck no why because your commited and there nothing you can do to drop the hand.For the haters let me refer you to daniel's hold'em wisdom for all players book start at page 98 thats if your mamma can pay you the $25 to mow the yard.When did I ever state that i folded them preflop?When you flame someone have your sht strait and absorb what has been preciously stated to ensure that you are correc
  5. No, they were in differant tourneys on differant sites throughout the day.FYI for the haters I have been playing for 12 years and I learned a long time ago 4 to 1 odds preflop is not worth sticking your whole stack in preflop for any hand unless your down to less than 10 Big Blinds then who cares push it in.Just an odd day for me today.
  6. whats the CORRECT way to play them genius? Shove in preflop so you have no clue as to the texture of the board and stuck in a pot that you have no control of and get busted out by that action. I realize its a suck out but i stayed alive and thats all that matters.
  7. Yes thats my bich for the day this really did happen. Thank god i didn't shove preflop or I would of busted out of the touney.That said no I didn't play it wrong.Thats my name from the service. I didn't get it from eating sonic but they are tasty smothered in onions,chili,cheese,and jalapino's
  8. Played 10 hours today. Out of 10 hours of play i got AA 22 times. Them dirty biotches held up 1 time. Thank god i didnt push preflop.Moral of story don't push preflop of you nutz get busted.Going to start callin it the teabag hand.
  9. wipe your nuts on the cards you want. when they come out you can smell the fumunda cheese you put on them.
  10. heres a tip that can help with the electric bill. ask your provider if they have a balanced billing plan. they take your records over the last year and average them out. you pay a flat rate that is derived from the 12 month average. in december or january they review the past year and make either an increase or decrease in your bill.when i lived in houston it saved me $80 a month after i did the balanced billing.in the summer it was close to $125.
  11. why not go to montrose and find a friend
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