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  1. def head to the crown, very nice casino. the poker room is good, offers quite a bit of variety. i never played limit there but those games looked juicy as hell.i didn't play at star city.. their staff tilted me just getting in there for reasons i won't bore you with... once i saw the games i turned around & walked out.burswood in perth is kinda ghey.. small player pool there.. destroyed their $5-$5 though..
  2. wow kirk types like my DAD!!saw kirk railing DN on the feature table at the wsope, kirk was outside the room watching the screen, second DN stands up from the table and looks around kirk runs in and they have a quick discussion where I imagine DN's getting a second opinion.Pretty cool watching these two & knowing a little about their history. Can easily imagine them back in the day sitting at the same table keeping everybody happy while taking their money.
  3. and the guy in the suit you saw playing roulette an hour ago sitting down at your table
  4. What amazes me is how good Raymer is online.
  5. The WSOPE was a better tournament than any other at the WSOP this year.The WSOPE ME is what the WSOP ME should be.
  6. the beauty of the con is that he sold the micon system off right literally hours before he started asking to be stakedseriously
  7. this is what is known as "poker geek"
  8. February 06 is 3 years ago?How long was I in bed..
  9. Anyone going to the watch the final table today?I went on Thursday and railed the sick hanson/antonius/hoyt/negreanu feature table, with a non-poker friend of mine - he hated it - fairly sure he's no longer a friend.
  10. Just got back from railing PA's table. He was opening the majority of pots and really pushing hard. Pretty much the only players to play with him were Daniel and Gus.
  11. I would go down to the Empire to rail, but you can't wear white trainers... I only have white trainers... oh well!
  12. I would imagine the vast majority of FCP'ers are addicted to online poker. Nothing to be ashamed of, embrace it!I know when I've gone a couple weeks without playing I've also played playmoney.Last time I was broke I logged onto stars to play playmoney, thought hmm what are these FPPs that have been building up in the background all these years, and found out you could use them for satellites. Created a $800 bankroll over 2 days!
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