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  1. i would think someone would have the all in either has the J for the straight of the flush. But he might be thinking that was a scary card and pushing in on that. Depends on your read
  2. that is the best starting hand chart I have ever seen. It is great
  3. wimbeldon is an open even just so you know. You can pay to qualify
  4. I was in a 50nl on PP and first hand I get Aces, guy with AK pushes all in and I call for +$76.00 in one hand and he left so I did too. I don't know what that is /100 but it is a lot. I average around 20bb/100 now, playing 25nl
  5. Hey I have an afternoon free and looking for some free money, I know there was some online casinos that have given you free money to play with, and a few poker sites, i was wondering if any of those are still around. I have an afternoon to kill.
  6. Hey I heard that if you count the number of outs and multiply that by 2 and add 2 you get the % does anyone know if this is true. Math people help?
  7. This is a very well done article about how to use poker tracker. http://www.bet-the-pot.com/poker-tracker-p...one-page31.html I am also going to have a blog about low limit poker using game time and see how I much it affects my play. I was hoping this would be a good thread to discuss poker tracker stuff but who knows...
  8. I was wondering what kind of rules you have for the auto rate feature. I have my use basically the autorate that is on the forum. But I was wondering if people have tweaked it over time. I play $25nl on Party Poker and I see that most of them are right but I am having trouble between lets say the maniac and the gambler? I was also wondering how many of you use poker tracker with game time.
  9. with that many fish I think you need a larger bankroll not a smaller one. What are you going to do when you go all in and someone calls for all of your money they flip the 92o and hit two pair sending your aces to the rail. The rewards are great but the risk is there too. Where is this game btw?
  10. I am trying to get party poker set up with game time +. But here I am and I have everything set up except when I go to chose a table in game time + I don't see the table that I am playing at. The table has been recording for half an hour. I don't know any ideas, I have read all 40+ pages of the poker tracker beginner info and there is nothing there. If anyone can help let me know.Thanks,Nate
  11. I am going to try the ten dollar this weekend. If anyone wants to play let me know. I unlike the AKAconditioner will play. I am looking for some good compitetion(sp).
  12. I have played 11 of them and one all at $5. I know slowplaying can be bad and that is how weak players hit there card and kill you. But if I flop three of a kind I tend to let the other player bet at it and at least 20% of the time they will go all in and you can trap.
  13. I have been playing $5 poker stars heads up and it is amazing how bad some of these players are. I was wondering are they any better at $10? I realize variance can be a b^tch on this I was wondering what people have for bank rolls, or what you think would be a good bankroll?PS anytime the conditioner wants to play let me know
  14. if he is up 10k i think he should give you the G but that is just me. I would ask for a little money? PS you don't split pay outs anymore?
  15. lol I didn't even know there was an omaha forum on here. Thanks for the heads up. PS any other interesting information in a forum other than general or this one?
  16. a holdem or omaha hi player looking to see what all this PLO8 talk is all about. Is there a website (i am bored at work right now) that has all the basics. I really have no idea how the low even works. thanksPS (i tried the search and got nothing)
  17. sounds good to me, I am going to give it a shot tonight
  18. What is the best MTT for 11 dollars (that isn't a satellite) I am looking for something with a big pay out and a lot of fish. I don't have a lot of money but I can spare 100 bucks or so to enter a bunch of them. I hate partys payout structure, looking for something a little more top heavy. It could be just about any site. ThanksNo_Neck
  19. you have to bet here. I don't see any other way to do it. What are you going to gain by checking? I think you are dealing with an over pair and if you check and the board pairs you are down the river. No pun intended. Bet and if he calls check raise the river (unless you think you are beat)
  20. that was a great post, I think you should post it in the general poker. Get more hits for your sites.
  21. I have never been good with "the english" but come on...
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