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  1. So I just wanna do a cheap, fun tournament at my house...but with a decent structure. This is my plan for now.$10 buy in, $5 optional rebuy/add on.Starting chips: T1000.Rebuy/add on chips: T500.20 minute levels.5/1010/2025/50------50/10075/150100/200------150/300200/400250/500------300/600400/800500/1000Obviously I'm new to the tournament thing (creating my own, that is), and of course the tourney won't go up to the 500/1000 level with 1500 at max in starting chips (it's likely going to just be a 1 or 2 table tourney)...but how can I improve on this?
  2. Hopefully that same amateur goes to the bathroom after moving all in."Wheres he going man?"
  3. Its the type of thing ESPN would salivate over.
  4. It would be amazing for him to win it. He's 17th out of 18 though...not looking good. Take it down, baby!
  5. Poker has always suffered from the wrong guy winning tournaments.
  6. Ya'll are straight STUPID with these Kobe comments. Did you see the Pau Gasol move he put on Kobe yesterday? Was that an "unnatural basketball move"? How about a million moves Bruce Bowen has made in his career? Are those suspension worthy?Anyway, I don't mean to muddy up JC's post...GREAT accomplishment man. 2nd place at a WPT event against the hottest player on the tour? Goddamn GREAT. Congrats.
  7. Congrats on making the TV final table...good luck man, you're gonna need it vs. David Pham, Mark Seif, and JC Tran.
  8. Damn that is a stacked final table. Good luck JC.
  9. There've only been 4.Doyle BrunsonCarlos MortensenScotty Nguyenand now...Joe HachemWell done, sir. That's some good company to be in.
  10. LOL at THIS being the thing that turned you off to Republicans. And what will the non Vegas/AC/LA people do?
  11. Did you hear that sound?That was the poker bubble bursting.
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