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  1. I posted in a now locked thread that I felt Daniel sitting out on Dreamclown was wrong.I just realized that Dreamclown was the exact same person who sat out on him, when he got Daniel short stacked and wanted him to reload in their fist match. I thought it was somone else Daniel played and not Dreamclown. So I retract my statement to Daniel that it was wrong sitting out on this kid.Well played..
  2. he's on another level..he's not one of these internet punks...Just the other day he complained when someone sat out on him.. after hitting and running.
  3. HOW ABOUT DANIEL'S HIT AND RUN?Hes up $19K for the session and about $70K on his matches with this 23 year old kid, then sits out... on him.He said something along the line of " Its the internet I can do what ever I want online" and " I owe you nothing "While I completely agree with these statements.. the level of sucess that Daniel has enjoyed in poker, and the level he currently is at.. while opening an online poker site (ie. running a business)Obviously he is one of the most well respected, and successful poker players on the planet. Howeve..I felt bolting like he did was completely classl
  4. Follow the instructions on http://windsorpoker.blogspot.comand open an account. New account sign ups using that link, and deposit code : First25 get a 25% deposit bonus.Paradise has the weakest tournament players I have ever seen... give it a try.
  5. You can download it herehttp://jackfive.blogspot.conclick the pokerstars banner on the side baredit : oh.. now i get what you mean let me see if I can get the direct link for you...
  6. Cashaman Brian buys for $0.70 and sells for +- $0.92I will pay more than $0.70 and less than $0.92
  7. Private tounament for Windsor Ontario, and area poker players Wednesday Night 7:30 PM. Should be lots of fun... $50 NL- Holdem information on joining in.. http://windsorpoker.blogspot.com/
  8. I think that the only advantage of playing in a satellite tournament is that the prize pool is structured to get you what you want if you win.however, you can bubble like me in my last four of them and get absolutely nothing.if your a great cash game player, I say stick to the cash games and win the money to buy in.http://jackfive.blogspot.com/2005/10/win-y...eat-online.htmlthis site has all the postings.. of all the major sites offering sats.
  9. Does anyone have any to sell ??I am looking to buy alot.please AIM me: realvalenteI know about Cashmanbrian.com thank you.. I will pay you more than him or any other trader. I am not a re-seller, I want to use them.Thanks !
  10. Actually it is just a business. Are you saying that it would be right to use up all possible resources to create www.cashmanbrian.com and advertise the services to all players who can use it, and make nothing from it?The website was created as a convenience to all of the users, I will sell to you for slightly less than what is listed on the website since you are looking for 3000W$ and I also want to take care of any FCP users. I will sell you 3000W$ for 90% of face value, $2700 in cash. Therefore you make $300 by sending an email. If you are not interested no hard feelings and best of luck
  11. i dont want to buy through him, looking to pay a premium over what he will pay you, yet less than he will sell to me for.. capish ??
  12. I am looking to buy up to 3000 W$, (pokerstars)I will buy lesser quanties if available.. all transactions will be done through Pokerstars support so its totally secure.I will pay you more than cashman brian or other traders will pay.I am not doing this as a business, just looking to win a foxwoods seat, and a carribean adventure seat.. please send me a private message or respond to this post.Thanks
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