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  1. Just didn't want any pimply faced, mac-n-cheese eating, spanking to the avatar, micro limit wannabes telling me bout the $45 they withdrew to buy a chem book.Thats all.I confess, I do eat mac n cheese from time to time.
  2. nice rules...no one under 23....or maybe 26 allowed? lol.
  3. LOL!!!Fischman #1??He somehow manages to get his money in with a dominated hand for most to all of his chips. Getting extremely lucky to take a huge pot and ride it to a final table is his claim to fame. Do not be surprised when you hear from him less and less, when variance starts to kick in.To be fair, He isn't as terrible a player as TV shows I am sure, but he would be a nobody if he had gotten knocked out of the '04 series by one of the infinite hands he outdrew on. I seriously do not understand how people neglect this. BTW, according to your ranking system, your opinion officially never
  4. I agree, its much more pressure to call one BB on the river in limit than to possibly call a 50 BB bet on the river in NL.Did you miss line 3 of Smash's post? In this instance, by the word "higher," he means more variance than the aforementioned game, Limit Holdem. 50BB>1BB, thus, higher variance.
  5. i thought this was a jerk off thread.
  6. jesus, I dont literally LOL loudly sitting at my computer very often, but man, the buttsex story almost made me pee my pants. I cant wait to read the others, thank you to whoever brought this guy to our attention.
  7. okay, don't comment in my thread, seriously, get outhe could have done a lot worse right?
  8. jten21

    ufc 54

    I cant believe I just went to Bodog and put money down on a mixed martial arts fight. Degenerate status now official. kdawg hope you can stand up well enough by the end to post how bad lidell whooped his ass.
  9. jten21

    ufc 54

    let us know what happens with the iceman.
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