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  1. Not much. If the payroll stays and the Sharks have $3 million in cap space until trade deadline they can take on a $6 million player which is about as much as anyone in the league makes. All that's provided the Sharks don't save even more by moving Nabokov or Toskala.
  2. I read on I think TSN that Sid said that was the reason him and Recchi were having issues last season(rookie complaining too much to officials about calls) so he knows it and will hopefully address it.
  3. Just about everyone knew Ekman was on his way out months ago given his playoff performance and his extreme streakiness all season I think he was on thin ice with the organization. He's a victim of trying to fill a role he wasn't meant to be in playing on the top line. I'm actually very happy with the forwards right now because Bell, Brown, and Grier already addressed some glaring weaknesses concerning grit and crashing the net.Basically the lines should look like:Bell-Thornton-CheechooMichalek-Marleau-BernierBrown-Goc-GrierNieminen-Smith-Stevenson/CloweIdeally I'd like an agreement with Koroly
  4. Well the Sharks did multiple things besides free up cash. It lessens the glut of forwards and including Ehelechner lessens the goalie traffic jam with Toskala/Nabokov, Schaefer, Greiss, Patzold, and Dakers still in the system. Sharks also now have a second round pick for the 2007 draft(they dealt theirs already others say) so it gives them the option of packaging it in the trade, using it for compensation if they sign an rfa, trading it in a package on 2007 draft day to move up spots like they love to do, or the unlikely event of them just using it on draft day. Ekman was displaced once Bell
  5. Party Poker lower limits never fails:edit: on a rag board he had middle pair and an open end draw, the pot is bet, he reraised his entire stack, get called and sucks outI_Got_Nines: Playing on here is not like playing in real life....or haven't you figured that out yet.I_Got_Nines: 70% of the time on here the underdog hand winsI_Got_Nines: it's a factLater while someone was tapping his glass:I_Got_Nines: Have you placed 5th in a 2000+ person tourney?I_Got_Nines: ever come close to that??I_Got_Nines: well I have. so I must be doing something right.
  6. What you think he just goes all in?
  7. They don't make them like him anymore. He did whatever was asked of him for the good of the team. Definately was deserving of having his Team Canada number retired.
  8. Two of the top 5 defensemen in the league who also are two of the leaders in ice time a game. This is bad news for everyone else in the Pacific Division. Can you imagine being a coach trying to get your top lines free on the ice if those two are platooning?
  9. he seems way more likely to knock someone down than up but thanks for reassuring us. i heard rumors about you having a lower body injury...
  10. People who talk to him away from the table seem to think he's a pretty good guy and on his site he seems to always answer questions from people commenting and is very friendly. Getting people to tilt = +EV.
  11. I agree I like the current Buffalo. That new kind of reminds me of the Thrashers logo or maybe I'm just being too imaginative.
  12. I'm still trying to remember if I ever once thought there was a chance of the Southeast Division winning two consecutive cups or even being this close to it. Man, what a season!
  13. Sorry if I'm rehashing an old thread or repeating anything already said but since I'm a Sharks fan I just wanted to address it since I had to see the wave of comments all over from Canadians who were playing judge, jury, and executioner. There was some story I heard that said the boos were retaliatory over boos that fans heard or thought they heard from the Edmontonians during the Star Spangled Banner, which I admit I thought I heard as well, but never condone the booing of an anthem. As much as some fans would like to assume Americans are ignorant and disrepectful I've been to games against C
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