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  1. Quick question:When will the 4th quarter start. I missed the start of the third and so haven't been playing but would like to get back into it and eveyone wants me in so I can donk my chips to them right MO?-Bear
  2. My vote is for the one where people made suggestions for which celebrity would plkay which poker player based on looks. I will also second the webcast thread. I miss FCP pokerroom and Bob. Poker stars just isn't the same.-Bear
  3. This email is still around as I just got it today-Bear
  4. Hey, I still Have bot recieved the email. Has anyone else? I'm going to miss the Neg-O regulars. I'm going to miss Bob the most though. He put up with all the crap I gave him and stayed classy. I strive to be like Bob. Mo, who am I going to donk my chips off now? Some fish from god knows where who has no respect for the game or someone with a super agressive style. lol. Hope to see you guys around.Bear.Bot-lol, fruedian slip maybe?
  5. Burke pretty much said every offer he's recieved he's told the GM to shove it where the sun don't shine. He doesn't want to mortgage the future on a rental. Atlanta has a good thing going to I think they will try and keep their core together, all they really need is D for a cup run.-Bear
  6. Well since you asked...I took down the Euro Open on the old FCP-On Game network for 5K. It was amazing because ussually I am a total donk but I was on fire that day and my reads were great. I bout everyone who railed me into the Neg-O. -Bear
  7. The bottom line is luck really has nothing to do with it. It really is the truth. For hands where you are 94% to win, take that hand over 10,000 hands and you will win 92-95% of the time. Luck is about perception. When you lose that 94% three times in a row you will call it bad luck instead of the statistical anomoly that it is. Learn to play high percentage poker consistently, Learn good bank roll management and you will be a winning player. Until very recently I believed in luck and it contributed to my contiuing to be a bad player. I am just recently able to call myself a winning player. S
  8. Hey thanks, This is all good advice. I appreciate it.-Bear
  9. Hey folks,I've been on a bit of a rush lately and started 2007 by turning $20 into $350. I want to try and do things right this year. I'm sure there is advice in the strat forum but I like things to be fresh. Here are my questions: What level should I be playing at? How much do you keep on the site and how and when and how much do you cash out? I'm not looking to be a high roller, I still am cabable of huge donktastic play. I'm looking for some good solid bank roll management advice for a relative newbie. How do you know when to move up levels. Currently I have been jumping mostly from .10/.20
  10. Hey there everyone,Any chance I can get in the league, trust me you want me in this league, I'm easy pickens!-Bear
  11. I'll admit it, I'm an idiot and I don't understand straddle or the stratedgy involved in using straddle.Someone help a brother out.-Bear
  12. No, really?Awesome!Especially since I played so Donktastic last night!
  13. What makes women happy is driving others crazy. Including themselves.Don't tell a woman tell this to a woman though, she will see it as an invitation to drive you crazy and believe me, she doesn't need an invitation.-Bearp.s. my favorite bumper sticker of all time is "No matter how hot she is, someone somewhere is sick and tired of putting up with her sht!"
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