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  1. that would never happen. kevin lowe's a classy guy. if pronger asked for a trade for family reasons, lowe will honour that. there was talk that toronto, NYR, and tampa bay were some of the heavily interested teams.
  2. So everyone's probably heard the story. Mrs. (Yoko) Pronger doesn't like it here in Edmonton. Even if we have the biggest mall in the world. So Chris Pronger asked to be traded. Kept it all hush hush until about Thursday, when Al Strachen reported it.Strachen is a ... windblower to say the least. He got information from Pronger's agent. Everything goes public Friday, the day before draft day. All the while, the Prongers are in Mexico on holidays.What does everyone make of the situation?
  3. i'm humbled...except...wrong Ryan. hahaCongratulations though...
  4. haha. and that's where the oilers have been all year. backs against the ropes, nobody believing except for the fans who've been through all the trying times. we'll take it, thank you very much eddie
  5. powerpoker...sorry bro you just lost 10 bucks
  6. it was moreau on the forecheck. it wasn't a lucky bounce...if you're talking luck how about those two phantom calls on matt greene. what is devorski smokin??and um...game 3, moreau's short handed goal. it's in daniel's blog too
  7. had fun with brewer this year? wait.....he wasn't on the ice much was he....
  8. edmonton in 6...5 if they can shut down the canes offence.GO OILERS GO
  9. i figured....why not go out on a limb. had a chance. we played a bad game. oh well. all said and done. we're going to the stanley cup finals baby!GO OILERS GO
  10. might be half right there eh digi? something just sounds fishy about you picking edmontonGO OILERS GO
  11. i think goose was just playfully rubbing it in, posting as a counter-post to gruven's "just how wrong was i..." post. nonethelessGO OILERS GO
  12. Well...I picked Edmonton. Whole heartedly. Then again...I always pick them every year. Go figure...and...GO OILERS GO
  13. Of course he wouldn't touch it...we've learned from our neighbours to the south. Thanks Jerome!
  14. OK...so the last time we were in this position I just moved to Canada...I was one.Now I'm 18 and boy does this ever feel good.Bring on Stanley
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