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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, but glad to know she's at peace now. Your family is in our prayers.
  2. Yea, those are interesting graphs to see, especially the distribution of daily returns.
  3. Continued thoughts & prayers for your mom, DN. I hope she wakes up soon!
  4. Prayer shipped to the big guy. I hope her trip back to Canada is safe. Your family is in our prayers.
  5. GF situation could be broken down further:GF situation = [(how long you've been together) ^ gf's clinginess] - [(size of your porn collection in megabytes) ^ gf's naginess]
  6. Yea that would definitely suck and all the people above you are definitely douches. Also thought that was supposed to be a joke.
  7. Cool video and nice place! I love the to the children of mexico plug. You should have had some more pictures of yourself when crushing online tournaments: "This is when I won the *** and this is me winning this..", and then mixed up all your friends' names too, lol!
  8. Yea, this'll be my first year out of the past 3 I can't make it out there this summer so I too will live vicariously through this thread.
  9. I believe that's correct since in Matusow's interview at PokerRoad's Inside the Poker Mind he said that Jesus offered him to invest. I think Jesus and Lederer even wrote some of their code, right?
  10. I looked for Chinese on Yahoo the other day 'cause I wanted to play around with it. I didn't think they had it, is it called something else? Could you post a link to the page if they have it please?
  11. Haha, are you serious? What event was that in, and didn't the other players at the table object to that?
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