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  1. I'm off the grid, man. It's was an incredible risk just to rib you. But, if they catch me, I'll say it was worth it all. We're into role reversal now. I met this Nigerian prince via email. I should be getting that big pay day any moment now. +EV FTW!
  2. I just wanted to express my disappointment that you dropped the balloons late at the RNC.You're repping the FCP community. What are they going to say about us now?!?
  3. It's true. Balloon Guy has confirmed that he is the down syndrome baby's father and that it is still smarter than George Bush.
  4. Also the chick in the first post is not Palin. It is someone said to resemble her.http://vpilf.com
  5. Other than your ID, what other sorts of info do they require from you? Social Security, etc.?
  6. I realize y'all need a real man to show you how it's done.
  7. So jealous my friends. BG I hope you hit about three houses in my honor.Kind of like flying in the missing man formation.
  8. Sorry I missed the second sign up. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it down for the Series anyway. However, it looks like I'll be in LA sometime in late April or early May. Balloon Guy, and others, up for a warm up round in the city?If BG isn't down, forget the rest of you.
  9. The real question is how many times are those dollars in your pockets being taxed?They tax businesses who pay you. Then they tax your check. What is left over gets taxed whenever you buy something. And if you win any money playing poker (sorry to bring it back to something forum related) your winnings get taxed again. Plus there's probably about another five layers of taxing that I am leaving out in this post just for simplicity's sake.I believe to live in a country like we do that some taxes are a necessary evil, but the shit our federal and state governments pull to support their spending ha
  10. I declare all of your arguments null and void at this point. Even if you do agree with me!I kid
  11. I am surprised this made it to rural Virginia. I agree it was a very good movie -- a little slow at parts. However, it is an interesting morality tale not for people who like to turn off their brains when they watch a movie. Although it does have it's low brow moments. I definitely recommend as well.
  12. Yeah, I can understand you wanting to be tolerant and open minded. I also can understand me wanting to be rich.
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