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  1. Daniel, Let me first say that I am going to vote for Obama, so we're on the same side. However, unlike you, I can fairly evaluate both sides.In your blog, you say that the Republicans started the experience issue. In fact it was Hilary that started it. For the last year, she's been says that Obama is not experienced to lead. Now she's saying he is. THAT"S politics as usual.And as far as VP picks. Do you not think it was politics that made Obama pick Biden? Now he can say "See, we have an old white guy too." Obama picked Biden to get over the experience factor and pick up votes. McCain
  2. My friends and I estimate that Full tilt has gross revenues of $3 billion and expenses of less than $500 million. So how rich are these guys? Matasow says that if he invested in FT when asked, instead of betting on a football game, he'd be worth $100 million today. Does anybody have any real information or insight on this tiopic? Does anyone know what percentage each of the founders own?
  3. The worst hand you're up against is AK. Let it go and move on.
  4. Thanks to all you guys for the good wishes but the dream was not to be. I made a bad read and ran my top pair into aces against a guy who'd been bluffing all day. I finally pushed back and this time he had a real hand. Very bad timing. I had 5 outs and missed. It was the only time my stack was at risk the entire tournament, and that was the real mistake. But I really thought it was my chance to chip up. If he folded I was at 1 million, If he called and I won, I was at 1.5 million. I think fatigue may have had something to do with my decision, and I reallly feel like I need some sleep now.I
  5. I'm still in it. Richard Weisman. I hope I'm not the only FCP'er left.I have 696,000 which puts me 33rd out of the 337 players left.I had an very tough table yesterday. We had more chips on the table than any other with 4 of us over 500,000 when the average stack was 100,000. Also at that table were Mimi Tran, Fabrice Soulier(sp?), and Nick Binger. I ended up busting Fabrice with a rivered nut flush, and crippled Mimi right at the end of the day with another flush.Today I start at table 32, which will be the 3rd table to break, so I won't get too comfortable. I'll be 2nd in chips at the ta
  6. No, Spanish Hills. Its just west of Spanish Trail. (On Durango and Trop) Its much newer and nicer.
  7. Here's some accurate information. Doyle lives in a community called Spanish Hills. Lebron bought a house in there over all star weekend. Some of his other neighbors are Vince Neal, Nick Cage, Goddard (the artist), and its rumored that Jim Carey just bought in there. The Sultan of Brunei had a house in there but sold it. I know all this because a friend lives 4 houses from Doyle.
  8. Thanks everyone for the good thoughts. I went out in 75th place, good for $7775. I never really got anything going, got a bad beat on the river, and nursed a short stack for almost 3 hours. When we got to the higher levels, the blind structure went up so fast that only a small percentage of players had enough chips to play poker. It really became a shove fest. I'm sitting with 60,000 at 2000/4000 with 500 ante, and the M's are still livable. The next level was 3000/6000 with 500, and boom, I'm really a short stack. Most tables had only 2 or 3 players who could still make a raise without
  9. OK. My name is Richard Weisman. I'm in the money on event #3. We're down to 270 players from 2998. We made the money at 2am. The average stack is 33,300. I'm sitting with 56,300. We start again at 2pm. Unfortuantely, I've got Erik Lindgren sitting directly to my left. He's hyper agressive, which I used to trap with my AA vs his bluff. That was good for almost 30,000. But I still don't like having him there. Anyway, good luck me .Also, shout out to Al Smooth, who was sitting next to me at my first table. (I owe you $1 for the cocktail tip.)
  10. I meant didn't, before any of you correct my spelling.
  11. I was there. The biggest game in the room was 2/5 and there were no seats open. I'm guessing that if there was a bigger game, he'd be playing in it. For a while some of the big names were playing something (I dodn't see the limits) in the back, but there were no available seats there either.
  12. Is anyone else seeing this? He's got to be the weakest "pro" I've ever seen play NLH. Maybe he's better at other games.
  13. Yup. I even have a balance in my Neteller account, and I'm getting declined at FT for a transfer. Doesn't make sense. Emailed, but no response.
  14. My guess is that he's talikng about something that Joe Navarro told him. In his seminar, (and if you pull him aside) Joe reveals tells on almost all the world class players. And yes, Joe did pick up a tell on Daniel. Since then, however, he has met with Daniel and told him about it, so maybe what Phil was watching will not happen anymore.
  15. Yes, that's the one. And there is no secret of how to do it, its just very hard to learn. Try it.
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