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  1. Yeah I don't show any record of the transaction except where Full Tilt shows Processing.
  2. I made a deposit about a half hour ago with Neteller using Insta Cash and Full Tilt still shows processing. I normally play on Poker Stars and it is instant. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Your cashes on PokerDB don't prove you are a winning player. You could have lost a lot more than the profits shown whereas Sharkscope shows wins and losses.
  4. Phil is awesome.Funny thing is the guy that told Phil to muck the cards couldnt have played that hand any worse.
  5. Why would you have a 9 in your hand unless it was pocket 9's? Played pretty bad. Betting 50 on the flop and pushing the turn doesn't make you look like you have a good hand or a 9.
  6. I am a dealer at a casino in California. There is a competitive company putting out a similar table. I can't remember the name but our casino is getting 2 of them. Your cards are covered until you put pressure on the screen. Depending where you touch the screen you can look at just a corner of your cards or the whole thing. It is pretty easy to conceal your cards.Personally I think these are good and bad. I am in no way worried that they will somehow kill live play. There are too many people that like the chips and the whole experience. I really hope all the stiffs play on them. The r
  7. Wed Jul 19 18:12:00 PDT 2006Negreanu Takes the Chip LeadDaniel Negreanu checks in the big blind to see a board of AJ3. The small blind, Negreanu, and the under-the-gun player check. The turn is the 5. The small blind bets $600 and Negreanu raises to $1,200. The small blind calls. The river is the 3. The small blind checks, Negreanu bets $1,200, and the small blind calls. Negreanu shows A5 and wins the hand. He's now at $22,000. GO DN!
  8. If you like seafood the Rio Seafood Buffet is thebest. I liked playing poker the most at The Wynn. They have 1-3, 2-5, 5-10 nl etc. They were also spreading 2-5 at The Rio. I'm not sure what they are spreading now since I heard a lot of dealers have walked out because of poor pay.
  9. Tight and aggressive. Don't be afraid to go broke but don't invest chips on marginal hands.
  10. I'm a big DN fan but jesus. Some of you on this site are so far up his *** it is really sick. If I was Daniel I would be a little worried at how bad people idolize him.
  11. From Card Player.Maybe this is what the OP was talking about.Fri Jul 14 12:50:00 PDT 2006Negreanu Wants to Go HomeAn opponent raises to $75 from the cutoff and Daniel Negreanu raises to $375 from the small blind. The opponent makes the call and both see a flop of 1086. Negreanu pushes all-in for $1575. His opponents fold and Negreanu shows 92. After showing the bluff, Negreanu says that he just didn't want to be here anymore. I'm a pretty long time reader but don't really post. Not meant to get flamed.
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