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  1. So a friend asked me about setting up a charity tournament for a large company (she asked me not to name it) and when I learned the details, I got a little stuck.I have a few ideas, but I figure some of you have done things like this and I would love a little help.The only real restriction is that the entire thing needs to be done in one (1) hour. It is a charity thing and the players will buy in for $10 and the prize pool is half the buy in: $5 to the charity and $5 to the players. They do other things like this with not as much interaction as poker.We figure it needs to be all one table game
  2. So I watch PAD but most have been fairly low on the poker or entertainment scale. But yesterday I liked the Doyle with the Godfather theme as a ringtone bit.Today, well, last nights episode, had a few cool tidbits...1) Hachem and Gold agreeing that they each spent in the area of $4-6K at last years World Series on massages. That is a lot to drop in cash for pretty lame poker table massages. I know they have big money but still. I have played a few WSOP events and I bought in on the, "hey a massage would be cool" thing but $6K?2) Doyle mentioning that he has never played a Sit-N-Go. Just kind o
  3. Howdy, I almost never post on here, but I just watched a PAD from last night, I believe it is a fairly old episode despite the fact that I had never seen it before.Anyway, Doyle's phone rings and his ringtone is the theme from Godfather. I just thought it was priceless; what a perfect ringtone. Also great that he answered when they were not supposed to...perfect.
  4. I play a fairly wide range of games, I live in Vegas by the way, and I really enjoy NL both for the challenge and income. But I play mainly in the 2/5 and 5/10 range. Thinking of a move from 1/2 to 10/20 is a huge concept. I assume you mean over time.I have only played 10/20NL a handful of times and always with money won that night from lower stakes tables...I run hot and take a chance. I am pretty cowardly when it comes to money management and my bankroll...I am extremily conservative. But I just wanted to mention a few things about the move from 5/10 to 10/20. In my experience, that is the f
  5. So I assume this post happened because of the re-airing of the WSOP Circuit (think it was Tunica) coverage over the holidays. They had "The Nuts" segment about eating at the table and most of the pros chimed in that recreational players probably shouldn't eat at the table while a montage of pros eating played.I thought it was pretty interesting. I rarely play in games large enough to warrant eating at the table, but I figure it is harder to play and eat and look the way you want to look. I am not a huge tell guy but I do figure it changes the game. And almost every game I have ever been in has
  6. So I was reading Daniel's blog about the problems in the World Poker Finals and his #4 issue was:"10 handed play. No limit hold'em tournament should be nine handed. Having said that, due to an increased number of players many venues start out with 10 players and then go down to 9 as seats become available. At some point, though, all is returned to normal and play becomes 9 handed. Not at Foxwoods. Here, they simply play 10 handed all the way down to the very end."I haven't played many big events but in almost all the smaller events I have played in the tables are 10 handed down to the final ta
  7. I agree completely. I assume you play in Vegas as do I, and your experience is mine as well.I don't figure I play as much as you do and 40-80 sometimes seems a little high for me depending on the action in the game (regular capped pre-flop pots with 4-5 in is just not my favorite type of table), but I have played middle limit all over Vegas as well and low (up to 5-10) NL (I also play a good bit in California, Arizona, and Dallas). I was actually at that NL table at the Wynn when Daniel bought in for a stack exponentially larger than everyone else's at the table.Anyway, I too find the pure soc
  8. Stud is pretty frequent at the Mirage - sometimes 10/20 and higher.Sam's Town always has stud, at a numbing 2/4, $.25 pace, but sometimes they move that game up. You can always call over there to see if it's running. I saw a HUGE mixed game there one night. Several pros....so it can happen
  9. I have been watching High Stakes Poker and I am unsure about the whole running it twice thing. I understand the mechanics, but why would you do it?The last one I remember was Eli Elezra with a 68o vs. Daniel with A10,o and the board came 6, 8, 10. They got alll their money in and Daniel suggested to run it twice. They had not shown their cards but they had talked about it a lot and each pretty much knew what the other had...except Daniel was praying for a 68 2 pair versus a 10, 6/8 2 pair.So my question is why you would ever agree to this? With 2 pair versus A10, Daniel is praying for one of t
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