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  1. It was Mcsorely on brashear. he beat me to it
  2. i wish fisher made it over morrow/richards/bergeron.
  3. All this talk about hockey cards has got me itching to buy some... What brand/series of cards would be the best to buy to get good expensive cards?My most expensive card I have is a bobby clark OPC rookie card that i bought for 10 cents at a yard sale.
  4. Dont worry, either does he!!! just kidding...
  5. might of been posted but my friend just linked me to this video and it made me laugh. enjoy =)
  6. any live streams? My dish is down =(
  7. took me 2 minutes to remember bluejackets, finished with 20 seconds
  8. can someone tell me why we kept kubina when we could of easily traded him during the off season? he looks slow and useless just like lastyear...
  9. I went to trevor letowskis shag in thunderbay and jordan and eric were there. cops came in and they didnt give jordan a hard time or anything and the cops got to know that he is only 18.
  10. interesting how sapster and vos are the biggest losers in the game and there 2 people who short buy all the time.
  11. I think that alfies shot was intentional and how sweet is it that we get don cherry on for 2 periods a night.
  12. Ive always ate oranges but ive heard that oranges arent very good to eat during or before a hockey game
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