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  1. if you decide to do this in August or some other month I will definitely give you 2-1 that you cant get the 10% ROI over 2000 in a month, for at least $100 on my end.
  2. risking 100 to win 140, but not like you said, he would get 240 (orig. 100 + 140) back on this. or 120 since he bet $50.
  3. cuz any rich NE superfan prob has something way cooler signed by more members of the team.
  4. ITM 15-20% of single table sng's? even 10 handed ones, top 30% is ITM, so if every game was completely luck based you would be expected to finish in the money 30% of the time, how can 15-20% be good? or do you mean 15-20% ROI?
  5. hahahahahhahahahahaha, i love the dealer just let it rip
  6. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...showtopic=98031
  7. anyone know any that are available in Canada?
  8. i wouldnt be shocked if he got #12 this year, he really seems to bring the pain at the WSOP the last few years
  9. ok that settles, time to reload at party poker
  10. so it's the popular opinion that party is just as juicy as before and any canadian would be crazy not to play there right?
  11. ya, but they dont have any real chance of winning so they don't count
  12. is EVERYONE else seriously ponying up extra cash? are you the only hold out, if you are then i guess pay up, but i dont see how thats possible.
  13. uh.... **** no? why the hell would you pay more money? it's the ******'s fault for not paying and the organizer's fault for not collecting
  14. whoa, cool, i didnt know that
  15. when did they start running NL at Rama?
  16. he said ABOUT even, which 4k at 500/point is, about breaking even.
  17. if your gf knows enough about poker to analyze a HH for you, obv she is cool with poker/you playing poker. you were probably overdoing it and neglecting her, obv she overreacted and that was wrong, but i think you might have to accept some responsiblity here.
  18. then you weren't taking the OP's bet anyway, he said bracelet Hold'em events from the get go.
  19. the other guy did, and he flat called with them, i think that's the point
  20. ya seriously, who ever said being broke was a condition of taking a stake?
  21. there's no way that he ACTUALLY looked at the cards, he probably just reached for them, GUARANTEED he was just messing with Friedberg for not protecting his cards. you people are crazy.
  22. i swear i didnt see your post, lol. heres to both of us winning.
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